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    Although, if you didn't see HBO’s Game of Thrones finale last night, we aren’t really too sure what you have to talk about today.

    Those who did watch the much-hyped finale are today dealing with what resembles a very dramatic version of the five stages of loss and grief.

    Scrolling through the hashtag #GameofFinale on Twitter, we see a range of emotions and reactions.

    Some were still in denial about the whole situation. …

    Some were angry. … 

    Some tried bargaining. ...

    Depression was evident.…

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  • Anyone who knows Katy Harris can tell you that she’s more than a little into Taylor Swift — she actually may be her biggest fan.

    When Katy’s boyfriend, Chris Eisenmann, proposed, there was only one date Katy had in mind: Dec. 13, 2014 ... also known as Taylor Swift’s 25th birthday.

    But when those wedding plans fell through, Katy had another idea: Tie the knot in the parking lot of the Taylor Swift concert at the Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.

    Katy texted the idea to her then fiance, asking: “Do you want to get married at taylor??”

    His response, “Lol I would”

    Katy explained her new wedding plans on Instagram:

    Some of you may have saw on facebook that Chris and I plan to get married in 3 days at the #1989tourphilly Taylor Swift Concert #06122015 — We originally planned a a whole wedding for 12-13-14 ( Taylor’s 25th birthday! ) We had reasons why we had to put it off. Meanwhile, I’ve had a gown hanging in my closet!! And as I was making our homemade outfits for Taylor (as I have

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  • Reports from Alaskan residents have had some people concerned that perhaps vampire fish are falling from the sky.

    Everybody, breathe! Here’s what is actually happening: A fish called the Arctic lamprey, a scary-looking, fanged fish, one foot long, has been spotted around the town of Fairbanks, Alaska.

    Residents have found four of these eel-like sea creatures: in a parking lot, a front lawn and other random places on dry land.

    No one is absolutely sure what’s going on, but officials have a pretty good theory.

    Seagulls are likely scooping up the ugly fish, which are currently spawning, and then dropping them when they realize they aren’t all that tasty.

    So it looks as if there is nothing to fear, but you might like to take an umbrella on your next trip to Fairbanks during arctic lamprey-spawning season.

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  • You know how beaches typically have a sign warning people not to feed the birds? Well, they might want to invest in a “No Selfies With Sea Lions” sign, too.

    When a tourist got too close to a sunbathing sea lion, who clearly wasn’t ready for the picture, the sea lion let its feelings be known with a very impressive roar.

    We don’t blame the sea lion for getting mad. Someone sneaking up on you to take a picture is not fun at all.

    In the end, this brave soul did manage to snap a selfie, despite the sea lion’s loud objection. He probably posted the picture to Instagram without the sea lion’s approval!

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    Pigs in a blanket, and ice cream for breakfast? This is certainly not Beyoncé’s vegan diet announcement video, released earlier this week.

    Instead, this video, which has gone viral, shows a little oinker named Pickle, who is just living his own flawless life.

    Waking up from what appears to be a cozy nap, he is greeted by an angel with a halo — we mean his owner, model Max DiNatale — with an ice cream cone in his hand. 

    Maybe you didn’t know pigs liked ice cream, but this one seems to be a big fan of a vanilla cone. It is apparently safe to give pigs ice cream on occasion, since it will not disrupt their digestive system. However, too much sugar is thought to cause pigs to display bad behavior. Pigs — they’re just like us! 

    Piggin’ out 24/7 — pig-jama party!  We could go on... but that’ll do.



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