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  • Jenga, the superdifficult block game, might be making a comeback via online viral videos. The latest is this one from a couple of dudes who appear to be playing the game with some liquid courage. One of the guys attempts to remove that dreaded bottom block using a knife — and succeeds. The video is shot vertically, which seems fitting.

    Maybe he got the idea from watching the last popular Jenga video to hit the Web back in December. In it, a woman uses her hand to quickly swipe the bottom row of blocks out with one swoop.  That video raked in more than 2.3 million views but had people on Reddit crying foul, with some critics saying the woman could have glued the blocks together to achieve success. Maybe we should just go back to being fascinated by the cat that plays a mean Jenga game:

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  • From white socks to khakis to Hawaiian shirts, nothing screams high fashion quite like dad fashion.

    A group of dads decided to take their looks as seriously as fashion bloggers on a new Instagram account called Fashion Dads.
    These pops have taken Instagram by storm; the account launched on December 24 and already has more than 25,000 followers, and it’s no mystery why.
    In true fashion blogger style, using the best picture angles and clever hashtags, these dads are showing off their unique duds.
    There is the classic shoe angle:


    There’s also the “I just woke up like this” shot:

    And, of course, no Instagram photo would be complete without the perfect filter:


    Does your dad have a picture that shows off his most stylish outfit? Share it on our Facebook page.

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  • Here is a cautionary tale of a little girl who thought playing inside a washing machine would be a good idea.
    A two-year-old girl in China accidentally trapped herself inside a machine after crawling inside of it while playing. The toddler was discovered by her mother, who immediately called for help.
    It took a crew of firefighters more than an hour to rescue the little girl, using pliers and handheld power saws to cut her out. After the firefighters cut the tube in half the little girl’s father was able to wiggle her out.

    The toddler remained calm during her rescue and wasn’t injured from the incident; it seems only her ego was bruised.

    Incidents likes this are not limited to China it's also a problem stateside. In the past year, kids from New York to Utah have also found themselves stuck

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  • While owners are away, dogs will play.

    Unless you are this emotional canine named Guinness.

    His owner, Mike Taylor, an intern at Missouri radio station 104.7, recently captured what Guinness does when he leaves his pup alone in the apartment by attaching a GoPro camera to his collar.

    When he leaves, Mike’s apartment becomes a heartbreak hotel, with a dog so lonesome it will make you cry.

    Rather than rifling through the trash, scratching on the furniture or inviting other four-legged friends over for a party, this 6-year-old goldendoodle spends almost the entire video looking for his owner.

    He runs around frantically, howling and yearning for companionship before finally ending up on a pillow that smells like his owner and taking a nap.

    After seeing the footage, Mike wrote on Reddit that he will never leave Guinness home alone again.

    “I’ll probably get another dog… that’s what I’ll do,” Mike said.

    Sometimes all it takes is hidden-camera footage to solidify our friendships.

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    You may have been inundated with the engagements and proposals of your friends and family on social media this holiday season. For the most part, the occasions are pretty happy events.

    But some people’s reactions are even more intense and emotional than expected. Take this gal, for instance, who was clearly not expecting this romantic surprise.

    In the video of her Christmas Day proposal, the woman’s boyfriend gifted her a box of letters that spelled out “Will you marry me.” She stays pretty cool until she gets to the letter y. Then she becomes overwhelmed with emotion.

    She ended up saying yes, but we hope the next time her fiancé asks a question, it’s a little less intense.

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