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  • Usually, going to driving school is nerve-wracking for the student and just a normal day at work for the instructor. Well, pranksters at MaxMan.TV on YouTube have turned the tables and put a few driving instructors in the hot seat. Malaysian professional race car driver Leona Chin disguised herself and showed up for driving school with instructors who were on their first day on the job. First, she let the instructors think she was an amateur, as she appears to struggle with the stick shift.

    The instructors in the video appear to get impatient with the seemingly bad driver. Then, Chin puts the prank into overdrive. She starts driving out of control, and the instructors are completely shocked — and also scared for their lives. As Chin whips through a parking lot, one of the instructors screams, “You almost hit people.” One female instructor even clutches her seat belt for dear life.  

    The driving school actually came up with the whole idea and pitched it to max man. Lucky for them because

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  • After Dayna Rumfelt’s eight-year marriage fell apart, she didn’t want her wedding dress hanging around her closet — so she set off on a mission to not just get rid of the dress but to destroy any last vestige of it.

    With the help of her family and friends, Rumfelt spent the better part of seven months going all “Game of Thrones” on the dress, literally dragging it through the mud, jumping into a lake with it and wearing it to play paintball.

    “Jumping into a lake doesn’t screw your dress up quite like you’d expect,” Rumfelt told the Huffington Post. “It’s funny how when you’re getting married your wedding dress seems so fragile, but really when it comes down to it, those suckers are tough as nails. Outside of the smell, once the dress dried, it was fine.”

    But none of these things could take the indestructible dress down. After everything else failed, she burned the dress in a big bonfire.

    “I felt such a sense of relief watching it burn,” Rumfelt said. “Almost all my negative energy had

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  • Just when you thought there couldn’t be another “Uptown Funk” parody left to make, a new one emerges.

    This latest, Passover-themed cover of the hit song by Mark Ronson (featuring Bruno Mars) was created by the Jewish singing group Six13.

    According to group member Mordy Weinstein, choosing “Uptown Funk” as their next song was “kind of a no-brainer.”

    “We’ve been listening to it nonstop. It’s the most popular song on radio and has been for awhile,” Weinstein said.

    You may remember this group from its viral hit last December, a Hanukkah parody of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off,” or last year’s “Frozen” Passover parody, aptly titled “Chozen.”

    We can’t wait to see what song these guys will parody next.

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  • Leave it to the jokers at College Humor on YouTube to call out people who make a big deal about quitting Facebook. In its latest video, the group compares such an event to leaving a party. A man enters a party and calls attention to himself with the help of a trumpet. Then he says, “Attention, attention everyone. I have an announcement to make.” Once he has all eyes and ears on him, he says, “I am leaving this party.” He goes on to explain that he is just different from the rest of the people at the party — special, perhaps — saying, “I do not like your conversations. The things you share are sensational at best.” He adds, “I will be a better person when I finally leave this place.” And finally, he makes his grand exit saying, “Goodbye people I kind of knew from high school.”  

    After he leaves, a few seconds go by, and he returns holding a baby and exclaims, “Good news everyone… ,” illustrating the people on your Facebook feed who only come around when something good happens for them,

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  • When a tractor-trailer carrying three elephants from New Orleans to Dallas got stuck on the side of the highway, the driver came up with a larger-than-life solution. He enlisted the help of two of the elephants onboard, Jenny and Vicki, to hold up the truck and prevent it from falling into a muddy ditch. Photos and videos of the incident quickly went viral. The elephants were being transported to Dallas to appear in the Shrine Circus.

    Yahoo News spoke with Brittany Peet, deputy director of captive animal law enforcement at PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), an organization that has been leading the charge against the use of elephants in circus acts. She told us, “This was incredibly dangerous for the elephants and for the traffic going by. It was careless and reckless on the part of the circus. It’s just one more example of the reasons that elephants should not be used for entertainment. It really goes to show why it’s so important that Ringling Bros. recently made the

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