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  • Brandon Bowen, 16 years old, is a self-proclaimed "professional fatty" and "amateur Viner" from Tifton, Georgia.

    He recently posted a vine with his unique approach to blocking out the haters.

    Brandon got the idea to use the spoons from a fellow churchgoer, and in the video above he gives me a little lesson in hater blockin'. He says his secret to holding the spoons in place is duct tape, but I found that wedging a spoon in under my brow and then squinching my face works pretty well.

    This young Southern gentleman puts forth a positive message, saying that blocking out the haters gives us one less negative thing to deal with, considering all that's going on in the world.

    The video has encouraged a number of imitations:

    Brandon has even posted a sequel of sorts to his original vine.

    We had to do one of our own.

    A follow-up video shows his love for minitacos, which even got its own remix.


    He admits that he doesn't have a recipe for a minitaco; they come from a box. Someone hook

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  • Summer after summer of filling and knotting water balloons was taking the fun out of water balloon fights. So one Texas family took matters into their own hands and came up with a way to save time.

    After some experimentation, engineer Josh Malone and his kids came up with a prototype of a prepackaged balloon set, which attaches to a hose. After a group of balloons are filled with water simultaneously, they tie themselves before falling off — in one minute

    "We knew there had to be a better way," Malone tells Yahoo News. 

    Malone's Kickstarter page has already made a splash this week. 

    "We've been pleasantly surprised. We knew people liked it, but we didn't know how much," he adds.  

    The original goal of $10,000 was quickly met and eclipsed by the $316,000 the campaign has raised in pledges in just a few days. The August and September deliveries sold out in 24 hours. Other backers will have to wait until next spring or summer to get their hands on the insta-water balloons. It's

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  • German astronaut Alexander Gerst is midway through his six-month stay aboard the International Space Station. Gerst has tweeted a number of stunning images of the ISS, as well as of Earth as seen from space.

    The image he posted on Wednesday was by far his most retweeted photo, and its subject was grim.

    Captioned "My saddest photo yet," the image shows an aerial view of Israel and Gaza, where ongoing tensions have turned deadly in recent weeks. He adds, "From #ISS we can actually see explosions and rockets flying over #Gaza & #Israel." The photo has been retweeted more than 27,000 times. Web viewers have also stepped in to provide context for the photo. 

    Redditors overlaid maps and text noting the boundaries and cities involved in the conflict. One disputed the idea that anyone could see rockets or explosions from space, much less the photo. He surmised that the lights were more likely flares used to brighten dark areas in Gaza. Regardless of whether the photo was lit up with

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  • Joanie and Chachi are hoping for happy days — together. 

    Joanie, a pit bull mix, was found last week in Savannah, Georgia, carrying Chachi, a Chihuahua mix, in her mouth. Chachi suffers from an eye infection; Joanie even licks Chachi's eye lovingly from time to time. 

    Unfortunately, veterinarian staff at Metro Animal Control have been unable to cure the infection, but officers are hoping the pooch pals can get adopted together — since no one has come forward to claim either dog. There's already a lot of interest from around the world.

    "We do have some people we prefer locally so we can follow where they're going, since everyone has so much interest in this story," Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Department Officer Christina Sutherin told local media

    A local Animal Control officer says she hasn't witnessed doggy-duo devotion like this before, adding, "they truly appear to be soul mates." Viewers have shared the original picture of Joanie and Chachi more than 2,500 times.

    They belong

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  • A six-month-old Bornean orangutan is taking small, sweet steps with his new, surrogate mom.

    Kecil, which means "little" in Indonesian, was born at the Toledo Zoo in Ohio then transferred to the Milwaukee County Zoo, where he still wasn’t able to adapt. He ended up at the Brookfield Zoo, connecting with 53-year-old Maggie, who has been a surrogate before. The two met Sunday and have been arm in arm. 

     "It takes this whole zoo community and all their combined experience to make this type of situation work," said Jay Petersen, curator of primates and carnivores at the Chicago Zoological Society in a video on YouTube

    The multiple moves don't seem to have discouraged or negatively affected the baby orangutan, who seems to be more settled, now comfortably nestling in Maggie's arms. 

    "We are all hoping that Brookfield Zoo will be his last move for a while," Petersen said.

    Kecil and Maggie won't be on exhibit for zoo guests for at least a few months. Although many visitors may hope to catch

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