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  • It is now OK to break into a stranger’s car in Tennessee if you see a dog in danger.

    An amendment to a previous “Good Samaritan” law that said it was OK to break into a car to rescue a child now says you can break into a hot car if you see an animal in distress.

    However, to be covered under the law’s protections, prospective Good Samaritans must make an attempt to find the car’s owner and must notify police before breaking in.

    This comes as a string of animal protection laws have popped up across the country.

    In 2014, South Dakota became the last state to make animal cruelty a felony offense.

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  • A 5-year-old’s emotional speech on why she will no longer eat meat will definitely melt your heart and maybe even convince meat lovers to give it up themselves.

    Poor Indie-Rose learned one of life’s cruel truths — that turkeys and other animals have to die before they end up on a dinner plate.

    “I really don’t want to eat animals — they’re so nice. Why do people chop them up? I don’t want them to be chopped up,” she sobbed.

    Indie, from Dublin, couldn’t stop crying and declared that she was becoming a vegetarian.

    “Farmers shouldn’t chop people up. I don’t want to eat a horsey,” she cried.

    “But pigs are nice too, and chickens and cows,” she added when learning that people don’t typically eat horses.

    Her emotional reaction was filmed and posted on Facebook and has gone viral, with millions of views.

    Indie learned the hard facts of life while she was helping to prepare dinner.

    “My partner was preparing dinner and Indie wanted to help. He had gotten some turkey from the butcher’s, she asked who

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    Call it Dad Braiding 101.

    Groups of dads across the country are stepping up to the plate and educating themselves on something that affects the daily lives of their daughters – styling hair.

    Some dads are even taking classes to learn basic girls’ hair-styling skills so they can do their daughters’ hair. Salons across the country are throwing Daddy-daughter dates at which dads learn to brush, detangle, braid and bun their girls’ hair — a process many men admit makes them nervous.

    To build guys’ confidence, one salon in Denver holds “Beer and Braids” night, which encourages fathers, for $55, to come as a group with their daughters and participate in a hair fashion show judged by stylists. The winning dad-stylist takes home a six-pack.

    Daughters love the time spent with their dads, and as men increasingly become stay-at-home parents, it’s important that everyone learn how to make a ponytail that will last through recess.

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  • The student has become the master.

    A year ago, Nicole Paris took the Internet by storm with a YouTube beatbox battle with her father titled “Mentor vs. Apprentice.” Since then, Nicole has continued to spit sounds, compete, and post solo beatboxing videos on YouTube — some breaking 1 million views.

    “Mentor vs. Apprentice,” part two, proves that the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree — and her dad couldn’t be any prouder.

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  • Is there anything Taylor Swift won’t do for her fans?

    Naomi Oakes was diagnosed with leukemia on June 25 and will be hospitalized for six to nine months for intensive treatment. The 11-year-old has adopted Swift’s hit song “Bad Blood” as her theme song.

    A YouTube video titled “Naomi’s Bad Blood” (in which “Bad Blood” plays in the background) explains Naomi’s heartbreaking situation, her diagnosis and the hospitalization that will force her to miss a Swift concert in August.

    The Oakes family set up a GoFundMe page to help raise $30,000 dollars to cover the cost of Naomi’s treatment, but little did they know that Swift herself was about to step in.

    The pop star donated $50,000 to the Oakes family and gave Naomi a personal shoutout:

    “To the beautiful and brave Naomi, I’m sorry you have to miss it, but there will always be more concerts. Let’s focus on getting you feeling better. I’m sending the biggest hugs to you and your family.”

    Naomi’s reaction to Swift’s personal message was priceless!

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