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  • It was a normal flight day on June 7, according to U.S. Marine Corps Capt. William Mahoney. He took off from the USS Bataan in his AV-8B Harrier aircraft. Suddenly Mahoney realized something was not right with the Harrier.

    "As I was climbing away from the deck, I put my gear up," the captain recalled in a video documenting the incident. "[I] realized I had a gear malfunction."

    Mahoney slowed down and called for help. He was flying solo and communicated with a landing signal officer, who can act as a co-pilot of sorts from the ground. Mahoney approached the USS Bataan at about 300 feet, so the LSO could see the landing gear and diagnose the issue. The LSO, nicknamed "Paddles," confirmed that the nose gear did not come back down.

    It was then that Mahoney was informed of a stool built for this particular situation. By lining up the nose of the jet with this invention, it was possible for the pilot to conduct a vertical landing. Mahoney had no experience with this.

    By aligning the ship's

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  • On Wednesday, a Michigan boy who had been missing for 11 days was found in the basement of his house. But in yet another bizarre twist to the story, his father first heard the news that his son was still alive on national TV.

    Even Detroit Police Chief James Craig was taken aback by the story surrounding 12-year-old Charlie Bothuell.

    "I've never seen anything quite like this," the police chief told WXYZ TV in Detroit. "There's a lot of questions that need answering."

    And Nancy Grace had quite a few questions, to the dismay of some commenters online, for Charlie's father. Also named Charles, the Michigan native appeared on Grace's HLN TV show Wednesday. Grace broke the news to Bothuell that his son was found alive in his home's basement. After he reacted, the TV anchor proceeded to ask him about the circumstances surrounding the search and discovery.

    "How could your son be alive in your basement?" Grace asked.

    Bothuell needed a few moments to compose himself before responding, "I have no

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  • Marly and J.W. were just enjoying a chill day on the waters off the coast of Pokai Bay in Oahu, Hawaii. J.W. had just picked up a new, custom surfboard and wanted to show off for Marly, who was filming from his surfboard with a GoPro camera.

    Then, J.W. almost took Marly's head off.

    "It's coming at me!" Marly yelled. J.W. flew off his longboard, and it went sailing just past Marly's noggin. "It's on film. He tried to kill me!"

    Marly was joking and thankfully dodged the surfboard that was headed his way. Then again, his friend riding the wave was surfing right toward him, so what did he expect to happen?

    Marly published the original, 18-second clip on June 16. Jukin Video reposted it on June 20. That upload sits north of 50,000 views. Many commenters are wondering what exactly the surfers were trying to accomplish in the first place. A few others think the whole thing might have been staged. Some drew from personal experience to chime in about the wipeout.

    "Welcome to surfing... if you

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  • Doniece Sandoval has seen the popularity of food trucks skyrocket over the past few years. It sparked an idea.

    "If you can put gourmet food on wheels and take it anywhere, why not showers and toilets?" she asks in a launch video for her nonprofit organization, Lava Mae.

    Sandoval's reason for starting Lava Mae was simple: She believes all humans have a right to be clean. Lava Mae's website notes that there are 

    Lava Mae BusLava Mae Bus
    in San Francisco. About 3,100 of them live on the streets.

    After Sandoval came up with her idea to help the homeless, she saw a story about the city replacing old Muni public transportation buses with a new fleet. She immediately sprang into action.

    "I want those buses," she thought to herself. "So we reached out to Muni, and we found out that they have a donation program."

    Perhaps then the most difficult part of the project began: fitting the buses for the plumbing necessary to run showers and toilets.

    "We brainstormed for a couple months about how this could even be possible in

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  • We hope you aren't sick of baby announcement videos just yet, because we have one more for you. A couple from Minneapolis, Minnesota, used a unique method to introduce their newborn to the world. Chris and Aimee Knutson created a stop-motion video with the story of their son Henry's birth told from the point of view of a precious teddy bear. The bear discovers a positive pregnancy test, witnesses a nursery being assembled, and then checks out a sonogram image. Little Teddy anxiously waits by the front door as Henry arrives home in his car seat, and finally the two meet in Henry's crib.

    The couple started filming shortly after Aimee found out she was pregnant last summer. Dad Chris, a local comedian, told the St. Paul Pioneer Press the idea came about when he ordered the bear online. He said, "When it arrived and I opened it up, I immediately thought of the idea of doing a stop-motion video with it." And just as many famous stars do, Henry made the crew wait for his arrival to finish

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