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  • Everyone wants a piece of his or her favorite sports star.

    Unfortunately, for this poor gentleman, his stolen little moment with a Pacers player was caught on camera.

    He, his friends and his family will forever be able to view his deep whiff of forward center Lavoy Allen’s sweaty jersey.

    Observe as he leans in, inhales deeply and really savors the waft of what is most likely a pretty musty scent.
    His facial reaction seems to suggest that the jersey didn’t smell like a rose, but maybe a basketball player’s scent is more like a fine wine and will only get better with time. But probably not.

    The next time this fan needs a souvenir, we recommend that he head to the gift shop.

  • The world has been in need of a superhero monkey, and we may have just found him. A simian in India is being hailed a hero following a harrowing incident at a train station in Kanpur on Dec. 21. When his fellow primate was electrocuted and fell unconscious after walking on high-voltage wires, the rescue monkey went into action. First he tried rubbing and patting the other monkey, and then moved on to a more drastic measure — dipping him in nearby water. Train passengers looked on while snapping photos and shooting video of the incredible rescue. After about 20 minutes, the injured monkey started to show signs of life. From the looks of it, it seems like he will be all right.  

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  • Is there anything more embarrassing than when your dad hits the dance floor? Just ask Sasha and Malia.

    Get ready to see “dad dancing” as you’ve never seen it before.
    Thanks to a video by Tastefully Offensive, you can now enjoy a compilation of dads showing off their finest moves to Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’s "Uptown Funk."
    The two-minute supercut shows dads everywhere getting down and embarrassing their kids on a whole new level.
    Got an embarrassing video of your dad breaking it down? Share it with us on our Facebook page!


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  • Are you looking for a last-minute Christmas gift for your kangaroo? Probably not, but if you were, you should definitely cross a drone off your list. It goes without saying that kangaroos are not animals you want to mess with. One unfortunate drone operator learned that the hard way while on a mission to film a group of the marsupials in the wine region of Hunter Valley in Australia. When the drone came in for a close-up shot, one member of the pack who wanted its privacy respected, used a very kangaroo-like method of dealing with the device — by punching it to the ground.

    The protective Joey damaged the drone, but luckily for us the footage was recovered. We should mention that it could have ended much worse for the drone — remember the viral video of the kangaroo street brawl?

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  • Workin’ 9 to 5 is a way to make a living — however commuting 1,204 miles to get to work will probably drive you crazy if you let it.

    Just ask Ian Bearce. It takes him six hours to get to and from work.

    The man travels from Minneapolis to New York City and back on a weekly basis for his job at design company The Mill.

    Explaining his commute, he says, “I drive to the airport, park, take the airport shuttle, get to my gate about 10 minutes before we board, and usually go back to sleep for a portion of the flight, and then take a train or bus to the office, sometimes both, depending on which airport I land at. [I] get into the office around 12:30, just in time for a conference call, usually.”

    Ian says his job is amazing and worth it, and he has never considered relocating his service and devotion to NYC.

    He is just one of the many “super commuters,” a growing population of folks who commute 90 minutes or more because they choose to live in a rural environment but work in a metropolis.


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