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  • What could make the classic movie "Jurassic Park" more interesting? Perhaps the answer lies within a video that a person uploaded, of his dog.

    YouTube user Blake Everhart knows a thing or two about cameras and editing. His YouTube channel, "alienufosarereal" is filled with various scenes he's filmed, including his reel. After watching these clips, you might not be surprised that he was able to insert his dog into a scene from "Jurassic Park."

    Everhart used a 15-second clip from the 1993 blockbuster. As Drs. Grant and Sattler feast their eyes on what was originally their first glimpse of dinosaurs, their gaze is instead directed at a 50-foot tall bulldog. That dog's name is Wally, and a shot of him jumping up and down in slow motion is imposed into the movie with the help of computer graphics.

    "Pugosaurus Rex," "Jurassic Bark," and any other dog-dinosaur pun you can think of are being thrown around in the YouTube comments section. Everhart uploaded the video on Tuesday, and it currently

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  • Your case of the Mondays is about to vanish after watching an adorable video of a baby discovering that he can move his eyebrows.

    Lucas MacEochaidh uploaded the clip of his nephew, Leon, to YouTube on Friday, and in just 45 seconds, this delightful baby boy is melting hearts across the Internet.

    In the video, Lucas, his sister, Rebecca, and her baby, Leon, are standing in the bathroom. The baby looks at the phone and then glances in the mirror. Then, Leon raises his eyebrows to offer a surprised expression. He is cracked up by the fact that he is able to make a funny face by lifting his eyebrows, and he begins laughing hysterically.

    He repeats the process several times over and is equally enthused every time he raises his eyebrows, and his family seems to be getting a kick out of it too.

    "Baby Leon discovers his eyebrows" is at 477,000 views online and is quickly climbing toward a half million hits. Cute, fantastic, and priceless are adjectives that commenters are using to describe the

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  • Video of Swan Attack Adapted Into 'Game of Thrones' Ad

    An on-demand streaming service in the U.K. has altered a video of swans attacking a golfer and converted it into an ad for the hit HBO show "Game of Thrones."

    Blinkbox, which offers users the ability to rent or buy movies and TV shows through various entertainment consoles, is offering a special for customers who buy Season 4 of "Game of Thrones." To promote the sale, the company's creative team turned to YouTube and found inspiration in a video uploaded this past February.

    In the original clip (Warning: Profanity), which was published by YouTube user mally1640, the man filming and his friend, Stan, are golfing at Grimsby Golf Club in England. Stan is attempting to play his ball when two swans approach him. Hilarity ensues as the swans chase Stan away from the water, only allowing him to retreat back to the ball a minute later.

    "I wish I had kept filming as he put his ball straight in the pond, then the swans went for him again over the bridge," YouTube user mally1640 wrote in the

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  • YouTube allows small, local events to be viewed by a ton of people across the globe — for example, school recitals. In 2010, Greyson Chance performed a rendition of Lady Gaga's song "Paparazzi" during his sixth-grade music festival in Edmond, Oklahoma. That performance has since been viewed more than 52 million times. It landed Chance a spot on "Ellen" and a subsequent record label deal through a partnership with DeGeneres's new startup label and Interscope Records.

    Ok, so Henry Ayrault probably won't have Madonna's manager knocking at his door. But a clip of Henry and his buddies attempting to perform at their school's "Rock Band Recital" is becoming quite popular online.

    Henry was onstage at Grosse Pointe Music Academy in Michigan playing keyboard. He was about to sing lead in a quartet covering the Weezer classic "Undone — the Sweater Song." The boys made it through the opening notes, but as soon as Henry began to sing, his keyboard crashed down and the entire performance came to a

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  • "Ladies and gentlemen, do us a favor today," Robert Baker, a Southwest flight attendant since 2005, suggested. "Sit back. Relax. Enjoy our hospitality. Or you can sit up and be tense, that choice is yours."

    Baker then broke in to a quick number that he sang to the tune of Barney's "I Love You."

    "We love you. You love us. We're much faster than the bus. We hope you enjoy our hospitality. Marry one of us and you'll fly free."

    The entire cabin erupted in laughter.

    The passengers were en route to Chicago from San Francisco and treated to a not-so-normal rundown of preflight instructions from the attendant, who could possibly double as a comedian. David London was on the flight, filmed the routine, and posted it on YouTube.

    "I told him it was the most fun flight I ever took and thank you for going above and beyond to make everyone feel comfortable and entertained," London wrote in the post's description. "He threw a cocktail party 1/2 way through the flight as well."

    Southwest flight

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