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  • So your kid's misbehaving. How would you deliver the discipline?

    Would you ground her? Take away her Internet access? Sell her tickets online for a concert with her fave pop star, with a little name-calling for extra measure?

    In Fargo, North Dakota, Cindy Bjerke is drawing criticism for selling her daughter's Katy Perry tickets on Facebook as a punishment for her behavior.

    Bjerke posted an ad to the Fargo/Moorhead Online Garage Facebook page under the headline "Spoiled Brat Daughter Doesn't Deserve These Tickets for Sale."

    Though, Bjerke says, the post received 200 likes and several supportive comments, the page's administrator removed the ad, saying it distracts from the purpose of the page. But was the punishment too much, or too public?

    Some members of the community have said, "It's a personal issue and should be handled privately" and "I don't think I'd go as far as publicly chastising my child for the whole world to see."

    While Bjerke wanted to discipline her daughter, she didn't

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  • What's Your Point of View on Those Who Get on Pointe? 

    A new ad from Under Armour might change your mind about ballet being a sport.

    The spot features a strong and sinewy 31-year-old Misty Copeland, the third African American female soloist ever to perform with the American Ballet Theatre, in an intense solo routine. She ditches the tutu and leotard for a sleek athletic ensemble, one of the styles the typically masculine brand wants to start selling to women. 

    In the video, we hear her reading a rejection letter telling a 13-year-old girl that she wasn't accepted into a ballet academy because she was too old and had the wrong kind of body. 

    Misty herself only started ballet at the age of 13 and later rose to national prominence. 

    The ad ends with Copeland smiling directly into the camera. The screen goes to black, with the caption, "I will what I want."

    Critics say that brands have used various empowerment angles when selling products to women, but that this new Under Armour ad strikes

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  • There are always daring people doing daring things for an Internet video, but this one takes things to new heights.

    Ethan Swanson of Illinois strapped on a GoPro camera and gave us a firsthand view of him jumping from one roof to another without the use of any ropes or safety net. He tumbled down the side of a roof to a winding staircase on the adjacent building.

    A second camera gives us a wide angle of the whole stunt, but the video has some folks questioning if it is fake.

    A pro video editor posting on Reddit says, "Notice how the train moves out of sync and we can't hear environment sounds when he jumps because they were added later."

    Others claim the video is legit. One person wrote, "the train kept moving because he shot two clips. One of the train and one of him jumping... He then took those two clips and merged them together..."

    The clip states that Swanson is a professional stuntman. Check out his YouTube channel to see previous jumps.

    According to the Mirror in the UK, he's

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  • Usually, the only reasons a bank makes me cry are the outrageously high fees, but this video from TD Bank has given me the feels.

    In it, TD Bank set up an ATM, or in this case, an "automated thanking machine," at various locations across Canada.

    To express gratitude to its clientele, the company simultaneously gave out money and gifts that clearly required some thought and planning. Gifts included throwing out the first pitch at a Blue Jays game to player Jose Bautista, setting up registered education savings plans (RESP) for one woman's kids (smart product/service integration) and also sending them to Disneyland (because kids aren't going to appreciate an RESP yet), and the simple, effective surprise of a beautiful bouquet of roses. The segments that really got me are the ones of the mother whose cancer-stricken daughter is in Trinidad. Watch and weep.

    This sentimental video is being compared to another one that came out from WestJet, another Canadian company, last Christmas. The

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  • How often do you get caught in a conversation that is going on and on to the point that you zone out? Then when you return from your little reverie, you don't know how to get back in. Or perhaps you don't have an answer to the dilemma that the other person is currently facing.

    Nathan Pyle of BuzzFeed has some great suggestions on what to say in different scenarios to make it seem like you were listening the whole time. In "How to Win Friends and Influence People," Dale Carnegie wrote "to be interesting, be interested." These tips will make you seem like the most interesting/interested person ever.

    Citing a rogue puppy, subway commuter stress, and the highly sensitive topic of tablecloths versus place mats, we put some of his phrases to the test in our interview above.

    Here's the entire list of his conversation tricks.

    For more from Pyle, specifically for NYC basic tips and etiquette, check out his book of the same name (in paperback and animated super-GIF versions!) and of course

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