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    We all have our off days. Whether there is a lot on our minds — like work, apartments, dating — or we are just in an off mood, generally we can move on from a bad day.


    Unfortunately for 19-year-old Maddison Keeney of Australia, whatever was on her mind distracted her in front of a world audience, and her off day was televised for all to see.


    Keeney recently competed in the FINA World Aquatic Championships, which are the global tournament for sports including swimming, diving, high diving, open water swimming, synchronized swimming and water polo. 


    During a dive with a high degree of difficulty at 3.2, her nerves seem to have gotten the best of her and led to this disastrous performance.


    She fell from fourth to 12th place — which is still amazing when you consider it was a world competition.


    We really wonder how many points our belly flop would have gotten.

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  • A local television reporter in Dallas got his revenge on the woman who stole his identity … by revealing hers.

    It all started when Fox 4 consumer reporter Steve Noviello received a fraud alert on one of his credit cards. The alert showed that somebody had used his card to pay for a room at the Hilton Garden in Richardson, Texas.

    Noviello contacted Visa and then called the Hilton to ask if anyone had checked in using his name or credit card number.

    He was told that Farah Parks had checked into room 239 using his credit card number. At check-in she presented a card that had her name on it but was linked to Noviello’s account. When the magnetic strip wouldn’t swipe, the card’s number was entered manually.

    After learning this, Noviello contacted the police and then went along to the hotel to track down the culprit.

    Noviello could not get permission from the police to officially meet with Parks, but because her arrest was happening in a public space, he was able to film everything on his

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  • A day care field trip took a tragic turn for two boys, ages 5 and 7, in Vinita, Okla.

    According to their mother, Shaunna Broadway, the boys suffered second- and third-degree burns after spending the day at a water park while on a day care trip.

    The boys’ mother says her sons were in tears from pain when she picked them up from day care on Friday.

    Broadway claims that the boys were outside all day and were not given access to sunscreen. The heat index that day was 118 degrees.

    Her fair-skinned children have been to multiple hospitals since the incident, and the family has filed a report with the local police department. Broadway is in the process of finding an attorney while authorities investigate the incident. Meanwhile, the boys have been pulled from the day care.


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  • Watch him whip... Now watch him Nae Nae.

    Texans defensive end J.J. Watt knows he is pretty terrible at doing the Nae Nae. (Please see his awful touchdown celebration from last fall.)

    So a group of kids at a Houston YMCA decided to remedy his weak Nae-Naeing skills by giving him a lesson.

    “People tell me I’m terrible at the Nae Nae,” Watt told the kids

    Eventually the football player fell to ground, though it’s unclear whether it was from laughing or dancing too hard. And the kids just keep on Nae-Naeing!


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  • He’s the fastest guy on the planet, and now can add videobomber extraordinaire to his résumé.

    At a live broadcast at the London Anniversary Games, Usain Bolt sneaked up behind former Olympian and BBC Sports presenter Colin Jackson started showing off his best dance moves.

    Jackson did his best to keep going with a straight face, but eventually had to address the situation.

    “I guess Usain is doing his stuff behind me?” Jackson asked, smiling and turning around.

    Bolt won the men’s 100-meter race with a time of 9.87 seconds ... no wonder he was able to sneak up on Jackson so easily.

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