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  • Each day, dedicated crossing guards make sure the children in their communities get to school safely. But sometimes, they themselves need a little assistance.

    Nathaniel Kendrick became a crossing guard years ago after he retired from a job with the city of Dallas. Every morning and afternoon, he helps the children of his community get to and from school safely. He then returns home to his ailing wife.

    Due to the mounting expenses from his wife’s illness, Kendrick’s car was recently repossessed.

    So local parents, who are grateful that Kendrick keeps their children safe every day, stepped in. A group of dads who are part of the Friends of Lakewood community group gathered to help him in his time of need.

    In a video that has gone viral, the dads park a car in a school crosswalk, and Kendrick asks them to move it.
    "He's asking us to move the car, and I'm going, 'Well, it's your car... why don't you move it?'" said one father.

    In the video, it is apparent just how speechless Kendrick is

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  • Let’s face it. Some husbands are just better at making plans for their wives on special occasions. And there’s no better way to illustrate that point than to introduce you to Steven. The Atlanta native wanted to surprise his wife, Kelli, with something really big and different on their 10th wedding anniversary — boy did he deliver.

    The big event was captured by the wedding videography team at Iris Films.  As Kelli approached her house, a friend who was with her told her that she would need to be blindfolded for the rest of the journey home, to which Kelli replied, “This is not going viral, is it?” Sorry Kelli, it might. After arriving home, the friend brought Kelli upstairs so she could changing into something a little more formal. Then, as she was led outside, the blindfold came off, and there was Steven, who told her, “I want to show you with my actions how much I love you.” The next thing Kelli sees is a 75-piece marching band and an a cappella group singing, “Can’t Help Falling in

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  • Improv Everywhere, a group based in New York City, always seems to have something fun up its sleeves. For the past 13 years, the crew has been recruiting people from the Web and organizing them to participate in stunts of epic proportions. You probably know them from their in-your-face antics, such as “Frozen Grand Central Terminal” in New York City, the food court musical, and the famous yearly No Pants Subway Day! Well this time, Improv Everywhere decided to spread some holiday cheer by surprising a family with an over-the-top Christmas carol display.

    The 20-person brass orchestra and 13-member choir rehearsed at a studio in Manhattan the day before. Then, the group invited the Schreiber family to a rented home in Englewood Cliffs, N.J., under the guise that they were having their Christmas photos taken. Mom was the only one in on the act. What you see from dad and the kids is as genuine as a Christmas morning surprise. The surprise was carried out with five different families, but

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  • Licia Prehn suffers from a rare hereditary eye disease that causes near-blindness, but that doesn’t mean she’s putting her life on hold. She’s started a Web series to prove that “blind life is what you make of it.”
    The Pennsylvania-born woman, now living in Finland, has taken to YouTube to show the world how someone who is nearly blind can perform day-to-day tasks.  
    Her first video tackles cooking, how blind people cook tortillas, to be precise. The video is part cooking lesson and part backstory into her eye disease and personal life, including her newborn, who is also afflicted with the condition.
    The video has only been up for two days and already has more than 40,000 views and many supportive comments, like this one from Blake Atkinson: “It’s hard for people who can see to cook, so keep being awesome. Good on you!”  
    Before Prehn took on cooking, she posted a video to Reddit to show that people who are blind can still be part of the online community.  
    Her original video

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    Ryan Tricks has created somewhat of a magical public service announcement this holiday season.

    To call attention to — and to generate a bit of compassion for — the plight of those who will be spending this holiday season on the streets rather than in a warm home, the London-based magician took to the streets to spread some holiday cheer using his craft.

    In this video, which is a collaboration with LAD Bible as well as a promotion for his new show, “The Power of Magic,” Ryan approaches two people panhandling on the street to deliver a special gift of holiday wonder.

    He removes change from the hat they are using to collect donations, and with sleight of hand, the hat is suddenly filled with many bills.

    The couple is as overwhelmed as they are shocked. It just serves as a reminder that any bit of help can be magical to someone who is in need.


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