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  • A 12-year-old fan of the cult comedy "Napoleon Dynamite" was treated to a big surprise by the film's leading man, actor Jon Heder.

    Leukemia patient Mary Elizabeth Paris is currently awaiting a bone marrow transplant at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, in Georgia. Meanwhile, she's been constantly watching the 2004 hit movie to lift her spirits. Mary had mentioned to one of her favorite nurses that the cult comedy was one of her top movies, so the nurse brought in the DVD for her the following day. After getting wind that Mary was a devotee of the flick, Heder decided to give her one of the best "get well" messages of all time.

    In a 1-minute video, Heder went semi-Napoleon Dynamite. He delivered a heartwarming message along with some of the character's catch phrases and unique movements, including his signature salute: the butterfly lotus, where interlocking fingers make a butterfly motion away from the face.

    Unfortunately, a spectacular yet awkward dance routine was not included in the

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  • How's this for a warped sense of reality? Swedish artist Erik Johansson weaves the real with the surreal in collages that implement veritable landscapes and bizarre visual conundrums. The result: out of this world.

    A large portion of each piece of Johansson's artwork is real. The key to tweaking it all into something colorful and whimsical is that the he takes hundreds of photographs for a single piece, and then he incorporates raw materials and other objects and uses graphics software to push and pull the boundaries. The end products of his work are lifelike scenes that prompt viewers to question where reality ends and fantasy begins.

    On his website, Johansson writes that photography is his way of "collecting material to realize the ideas in my mind." The process of putting his masterpieces together takes weeks. Not surprising, considering that he might have to drift in and out of reality to get to where he's going.

    Johansson's fanbase applauds the artist's clever perspective, whether

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  • Blackboard. Blackberry. Black widow. But a black burger?

    Yup. A dark-colored hamburger — that isn't burnt — is now being sold in Japan by fast-food giant Burger King. Called the Kuro Burger, it features a black bun, meat with black pepper, and black cheese. The bread and cheese contain bamboo charcoal, popular in Japanese cuisine. The sandwich also has an onion-and-garlic sauce made dark with squid ink. But don't be alarmed — squid ink is commonly used for cooking, food coloring, and flavoring. The other use is confined to the ocean.

    Burger King is offering Japanese customers two varieties of the Kuro — the Pearl and the Diamond. The Kuro Pearl is filled with basic ingredients (listed above); the Kuro Diamond is spruced up with lettuce, tomatoes, and onions, which add a little color to the dark sandwich.

    Is the Kuro the first dark take on the American classic? No. The French delivered their own version of the coal-black burger not too long ago, in a galaxy not too far, far away. In

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  • One of the most anticipated global tech announcements of the year took place Tuesday at the unveiling of the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch, which were hotly anticipated by fans and consumers alike and could potentially change the game in the smartphone universe, once again. But a surprising star at the big release of Apple's new gadgets is the infinity scarf worn by Dutch gaming executive Tommy Krul, which we have coolly dubbed the "iScarf."

    Scarf GuyScarf Guy

    At the keynote presentation in Cupertino, Calif., Krul was performing a demo of his company Super Evil Megacorp's brand-new smartphone video game called Vainglory. The MOBA game is cool with big sound, amazing graphics, and a lot of things that blow up, but the audience didn't seem to care as much as expected. The purple, oversized knit scarf that Krul was rockin' stole the show.

    Many audience members focused their attention on Krul and the scarf by punching out comical tweets and prepping for the current social media frenzy. One commenter stated

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  • Car crashes happen all the time due to extreme weather. And a lot of people face death, straight in the eye, and live to talk about it. But there's no way to describe this video other than "miraculous." 

    During a full-fledged tornado in Bashkiria, Russia, a man driving out of his garage evades death by a narrow margin — and it's all recorded on his trusty dashcam. Dashcams are extremely popular in Russia, where millions of drivers use them for surveillance and evidence in court, as well as a precautionary tool against police corruption or insurance fraud. Unfortunately, you can't prosecute Mother Nature or any sort of god for this unspeakable act.

    After the man reverses his Toyota RAV4 from his driveway onto a rural road, things go from calamitous to chaotic with rain and wind picking up vigorously. At full force, the tornado destroys all the property in its path. As the man alters his direction to face his home, his garage is whipped away right before his eyes — it's gone within 60

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