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  • A great way for advertisers to have viewers remember their client's product is to use laughter. Just ask Geico, which had an insanely popular commercial in 2013 featuring a hump-day-loving camel. You remember it, right? "Guess what day it is?"

    There's a new ad to leave you in stitches — brought to us by General Electric. It features funny guy Jeff Goldblum promoting GE's new Link light bulb. In the over-the-top spot, the "Jurassic Park" actor plays Terry Quattro, a boastful, egotistical celebrity who owes his success to good lighting. In the commercial, the Terry tells the audience, "Now you can get successful-guy lighting at normal-guy prices."

    The Link light bulb lasts 22 years and costs $14.97, which works out to 66 cents a year. That, Terry explains, is what he spends on moist towelettes every 13 seconds. You can even control the lights by using the Wink app on your smartphone, which connects to a Wink hub that is plugged into the wall socket, Terry adds.  The video is going

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  • Reporters sometimes face a dilemma: Witnessing events in their communities, they are tasked to report what they see, for their viewers and readers, without crossing any lines of involvement. But sometimes, on a human level, that is just not possible.

    On Friday, in Tampa, Fla., local TV reporter Cameron Polom became a part of the story he was covering — the disappearance of 10-year-old Paul Ezekiel Fagan. He had been last seen the afternoon before, playing in his grandmother's yard. Paul's grandmother, Hazel Epps, who has custody of the boy and with whom he lives, called the authorities at 8 p.m. after unsuccessfully searching for him on her own. Officers scoured the neighborhood late into the rainy night and early morning looking for the boy.

    Friday morning, after a local press conference on Paul's disappearance, Polom, a 30-year-old reporter for ABC News affiliate WFTS, was walking down the street when he saw a young boy come out from behind overgrown brush in the yard of nearby home.

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  • For reporters who interview actors about upcoming movies in which they're appearing, it always helps to see the film in question. Failing that, you can always do some quick online research. Those steps would have saved KWGN Denver's Chris Parente the embarrassment he experienced while interviewing the stars of "The Skeleton Twins," Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig.

    The segment, like many entertainment interviews, began easily enough, with the actors describing the plot of the film. Then, the interview took a turn for the awkward when Parente asked Wiig if she had any advice for actors about appearing in nude scenes. The problem with the question? Wiig doesn't appear nude in "The Skeleton Twins."

    Luckily for viewers, and for Parente himself, seasoned comedians Hader and Wiig made light of the errant question by talking about other scenarios that the film doesn't contain, like how Hader actually appears naked and upside down throughout the film and how the movie takes place on Mars.


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  • This week the country learned that hell hath no fury like a One Direction fan scorned. The gang over at "The Daily Show" has the joy of being on the receiving end of the rage, emotion, and outcry of the very protective fan base.What outlandish attack on character or verbal assault could be at the center of this wave of social media backlash? Glad you asked.On Tuesday, the show's mock news correspondent Jessica Williams delivered a report about the new war in Syria, which involves airstrikes against the Islamic State militant group. She mentioned the quickly multiplying terrorist groups in the Middle East, including a terrorist "supergroup" that sent "Directioners" over the edge. Williams joked, "Just as you were talking, a new terrorist group just formed, with one member each from ISIS, al-Nusra, al-Qaida, Hamas, One Direction, and the Zetas drug cartel."

    Many fans assumed that

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  • With Halloween just around the corner, a lot of you have already at least glanced at costume ideas. And if you're a fan of the Disney movie "Frozen" and also a grownup who likes dressing in sexy Halloween costumes, look no further. Here are this season's sexy "Frozen"-inspired Halloween costumes. Of course, they are not made by Disney — hence the "inspired" part — but instead are by costume-maker Yandy.

    There's the Ice Girl costume, the Norwegian Maiden costume, the Blue Snow Maiden, and even a costume called the Funny Snowman. We think the only thing funny about this one is that it is most likely replicating this character, Olaf the snowman:

    If you don't have long, beautiful blond hair like Elsa, don't worry — Yandy has you covered for that too with this wig:


    The good news is that you won't have to try to squeeze into a child's-size "Frozen" costume. This is not the first time an innocent Disney classic has inspired sexy Halloween costumes, such as a sexy evil queen and even a sexy

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