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  • Owners train their pets to live by a number of different rules and guidelines: Don't eat human food, stay off the countertops, only go to the bathroom outside, and so on. But you cannot babysit your pet 24/7. So for owners of one dog, that meant hiding a video camera in their bedroom to see whether the mutt obeyed a simple rule to stay off the bed.

    Spoiler alert: He did not. His owners, along with a cat in the room, clearly are not amused, but online viewers across the globe seem to find it hilarious.

    The video became popular on LiveLeak via Reddit and on YouTube, where it has more than 3 million views. Russian pet, YouTube channel "ignoramusky" posted the two-minute clip on Saturday.

    After a description of the scenario displays on the screen, we see the owner hit "record" on the camera and walk out of the room. No more than about 10 seconds after he is gone, the canine walks in to see a cat perched on the made bed. The dog only waits about 25 seconds before finally mustering up the

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  • Brian Hull is no "Adele Dazeem," but he sure is wickedly talented. The Dallas, Texas, native covered "Let It Go" from "Frozen" using the voices of 21 different Disney and Pixar characters.

    There have been many takes on the Academy Award-winning song, from kids' renditions to parodies. But since it was posted Saturday, Hull's version has garnered more than 2.3 million views. The reason is probably because he transitions from human characters to animated ones throughout decades of popular films and TV shows associated with the studios. Hull opens with Captains Barbossa and Jack Sparrow from "Pirates of the Caribbean." He follows that up with Scar from "The Lion King." Other movies covered include "Monsters, Inc.," "The Little Mermaid" and "Beauty and the Beast."


    The Dallas Baptist University student does not leave out classic characters from his rendition either. Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Pete are all imitated during the 3-minute-42-second cover.

    With almost 77,000 likes

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  • On Monday, "First Kiss" took YouTube by storm. The video features 20 strangers kissing for the first time while a camera filmed them. It has 47.3 million views. Clothing company Wren Studio was behind the piece. ABC News reports that CEO and Founder Melissa Coker tapped a high school friend, Tatia Pilieva, to direct the video.

    With the production becoming such a big hit, it comes as no surprise that someone already created a parody. Naturally, it involves puppies.

    "First Sniff" hit the Internet on Wednesday. The YouTube channel Bosh uploaded the video of stranger dogs "kissing" for the first time. Like the original, the doggie parody is shot in black and white and scored with Soko's track "We Might be Dead By Tomorrow." The video is less than half as long as the human version.

    When it comes to awkwardness, the video pales in comparison to its predecessor. Still, some puppies seem hesitant at first. But in no time, the dogs are kissing, licking, and sniffing as if no one is watching.

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  • Hal Douglas, a voice artist who helped usher in a new generation of movie trailers, died last week. His daughter Sarah told the New York Times that the cause was complications from pancreatic cancer. Douglas was 89.

    The phrase, “In A World…” was often associated with another voiceover icon, Don LaFontaine, who passed away in 2008. But this particular style of reading copy could also be attributed to Douglas. Over a career that spanned almost four decades, the actor voiced thousands of movie trailers, television promos, and commercials. His trademark deep tone could range from dramatic to comedic, earning him placements on everything from trailers for “Lethal Weapon” and “Philadelphia” to commercials for pharmaceutical products.

    “I even did the (commercials for) condoms way back when just the mention of the word ‘Trojans’ was horrifying,” Douglas told Casimir Nozkowski in a digital short entitled, “A Great Voice.” “I was also doing Chevrolet I think at the time, and they requested that

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  • The aborted takeoff of a flight heading from Philadelphia to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., is just the latest example of how social media is shaping the way that news breaks.

    A tweet that read "so my plane just crashed ..." — accompanied by a picture of the scene — is how this story began online. The photo was taken by Hannah Udren, 18, who goes by "skip" on Twitter. She followed the first tweet with a "selfie" that perfectly frames her and the downed jet. The text with the photo she took of herself simply says, "so yup."

    About 4,000 retweets later, a debate is growing about the intersection between social networks, civilians, and journalists. For her part, "skip" notes that she posted the photo "for my friends and family." She simply wanted to show them that she was OK.

    In addition to the tweet, social media also contributed to ABC News coverage of the crash. The network obtained footage from the crash site via Facebook. Another passenger, Dennis Fee, filmed a clip from the ground of people

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