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  • A new spoof on celebrity commercials is so funny, even the celebrity unknowingly featured in the parody can't help laughing.

    Steven Rosenthal published a video to YouTube on April 27 titled "What Every Celebrity Commercial Sounds Like." The clip is now gaining popularity after receiving over 1,000 Reddit upvotes. In the video, a voiceover is dubbed onto a commercial for Monster Audio's DNA Headphones starring singer Jay Sean. As the artist looks out at skylines with his headphones on, a funny voice talks of "living my dream."

    "Because when I dream, I dream of dreaming," the narrator says. "And dreams when you're dreaming allow me to dream dreamy dream dreams."

    In the parody, the image of Monster Headphones in the original ad is replaced by the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese logo. The text alongside the image reads, "Exclusively in grocery stores."

    Trending Now sent the spoof to Jay Sean's manager, Jeremy Skaller, who played it for the "Down" singer.

    "(Jeremy) said, 'This is your dream and

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  • A package that contained a $350,000 government drone sent from an Air Force base in Tampa, Fla., was "misdelivered" by UPS to a college student.

    Reddit user Seventy_Seven, who has declined to release his real name, discovered the box on his doorstep. The college student lives somewhere in the northern U.S.

    "I had ordered a weightlifting bench (which I received) and this came with it," he wrote with photos of the item. "Both boxes has UPS labels with my name and address."

    As if he were demonstrating the unboxing of Apple's latest product, the redditor posted a series of pictures displaying the box's contents. An index card noting that the drone was "USA Federal Property" listed the return address as the NOAA Aircraft Operations Center. Other photos showed what appeared to be the device's wings and controller.

    "Just called UPS. They told me that it was one of the undelivered packages in their office, and asked if I've ever had an undelivered package," the college student posted on

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  • A man accidentally became a mother to 13 ducklings when their eggs hatched and he was the first moving object they saw.

    The process, known as imprinting, is a form of attachment that the ducklings normally use to identify their mother. However, the mother of these ducklings was apparently killed before the eggs hatched.

    In an attempt to save the little ducks, the man took the 13 eggs and placed them in an incubator. The eggs hatched, the ducklings first saw the man, named Rick, and now they are attached. This is evidenced in a new viral video with more than 128,000 views.

    "She never came back," Rick says in the video of the ducklings' mother. "There's feathers everywhere. The 30-second clip of the ducklings following Rick around was uploaded to YouTube on Sunday by his neighbor Matthew Sargent. A link to the video also found its way to Reddit via Sargent's daughter, Carlisle.

    "I asked my dad about what my neighbor plans to do with the ducklings, and apparently he is going to keep

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  • Don't worry, Max the cattle dog and Ralphee the kitten are here to brighten your Monday.

    A video published on April 29 that shows the unlikely friends hanging out has almost a million views. Of course the Internet loves getting its fix of cute dogs and cats, but this bond is a little different. According to the video's description, Ralphee suffers from a neurological disorder called feline cerebellar hypoplasia, or CH, which affects the part of her brain that controls motor skills and coordination.

    Because of CH, Ralphee is a bit wobbly and loopy as she bounces around on her paws, but her life expectancy is the same as any other feline.

    The video's description explains that as soon as Ralphee came home, Max was never far behind. The older cattle dog looks after the feline, occasionally exchanging a kiss and always watching over her.

    "Ralphee is growing more mischievous by the day and loves to see what Max is doing as well," wrote Adam Cox, the video's publisher, in the description.

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  • If the cult classic movie "Napoleon Dynamite" taught us anything, it is that whether you are trying to score a date or run for student council, you need skills. Those skills can be everything from using nunchakus to busting out some dance moves.

    For Matt Bray, it was the latter, and it is the subject of a new viral video. Bray is a student at College of DuPage and resides in Naperville, Ill. His YouTube channel, "ProjectOneLife," features videos of him crossing off bucket list items. For item 102, he sang in front of a crowd. Bray entered a pingpong tournament for No. 68. But the student's video for item 117 is by far his most popular yet.

    Bray decided to add "100 Days of Dance" to the bucket list and completed it. The premise was relatively simple: He performed the same routine in the same room the exact same way for 100 days, although he notes that he actually ended up performing it for about 120 consecutive days.

    Naturally, Bray had to show off those aforementioned skills, so he

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