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  • It’s Aug. 13, and it’s Left-handers Day.

    Going all the way back to 1976, it’s a day for 7 to 10 percent of the world’s population to celebrate their left-handedness and highlight some of the challenges faced by those who adapt to use right-handed tools and objects such as scissors, spiral-bound notebooks, and can openers. Even high-fiving and shaking hands with a right-handed person can be a little tricky for a lefty.

    The website has a list of ways to celebrate, including creating "Lefty Zones" in the kitchen, playroom, or study or even while you’re away on a holiday.

    Left-handed folks are often considered to be more creative, artistic, and intuitive. An Australia study found that right-handed people tend to be left hemisphere-dominant, therefore, more logical and objective, while left-handed people are more balanced across both hemispheres of their brain.

    In studies on matters of health, lefties are found to be more resilient when recovering from strokes, while

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  • New York is a big city, and the sheer size of it can be overwhelming for anyone. Now imagine what it feels like if you are a little person.

    Jonathan Novick, 22, has achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism.

     Sharing a definition of dwarfism, Novick says it is "the abnormal underdevelopment of the body characterized predominantly by extreme shortness of stature." He adds, "The term is dwarf or little person, one or the other is totally fine — just not midget ... not only is that incorrect, but it's incredibly offensive."

    Novick came to New York City about a year ago. He made a short film about his experience and posted it to YouTube on Aug. 7. In less than a week, it's racked up more than 69,000 views.

    He wanted to share this video so that instead of telling people about his condition and his life, he could start showing them.

    In May 2013, he participated in a different film that also tells his story.

    In the more recent project, he uses footage from a hidden camera disguised as

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  • The big story today on social media is the passing of celebrated comedian and movie star Robin Williams. He died Monday at the age of 63 in his home near San Francisco from an apparent suicide. According to a statement issued from a representative, he had been battling severe depression of late.

    Williams had a devoted following that is evident from the sheer number people who took to social media to remember him.

    In the six hours after the news broke of his passing, he had 7.5 million mentions on Twitter.

    Originally, the response was of disbelief, but as word spread, celebrities and fans alike shared their sentiments, many citing quotes from their favorite films.


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  • It was a pretty colorful surprise for a Kansas City Police detective when his colleagues covered his Ford Taurus with 4,000 Post-it notes as a prank to mark his 50th birthday.

    Detective Stuart Littlefield, a 20-year veteran of the Kansas City Police Department, admits he deserves this as he is a serial prankster and often the first to cause trouble.

    His reaction was pretty upbeat. "Yup, they got me good this time. This was supposed to be a low-key birthday. When you're 50, you don't want anyone to know about it. That kind of blew up in my face," said Littlefield. "I can't tell you exactly what I said, but the gist is, 'Golly, they got me.'"

    The pranksters' handiwork is a lovely work of art: color blocking, pink tires, peace signs, and a smiley face.

    Littlefield adds, "'Creative' is a word. I can think of another word I can't say on camera since we're talking to the public."

    No one has confessed to the prank, and Littlefield has yet to investigate who's behind the prank, but he promises

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  • It was a sunny Sunday afternoon at McCarren Park in Brooklyn, New York City, when an unexpected visitor spun its way through — a whirling dervish of dirt, technically known as a dust devil.

    Several people took out their smartphones and recorded the sight, posting pictures and video to social media.

    We spoke to "Good Morning America" meteorologist Ginger Zee to clear some things up for us:

    "Dust devils typically form on a hot, calm afternoon when the land heats quickly. That hot air rises quickly The decrease in heat with height is dramatic and this causes the air to spin. Dust is picked up and we see the rotation." 

    One eyewitness at the park posted to Twitter:

    Zee said that although a dust devil is not a tornado, you should stay away from one if you see it. It is still a strong rotating wind that can pick up debris,

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