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  • Meet Kyle Waring, a Massachusetts man who’s behind — that’s right, someone is making money by shipping the white stuff out of Boston to your door.
    For a mere 89 bucks, marked down from $99, you could have 6 pounds of Boston’s historic snowfall shipped to your friends, family and even enemies. Waring promises that the 6-pound snow package is enough for 10 to 15 snowballs.

    The snow-shipping business started as joke between Waring and his wife while they were shoveling their yard, but soon after, was born.

    Originally Waring just shipped 16.9-ounce water bottles filled with snow, but he is expanding his business: In addition to the 6-pound product, he will soon be launching a 10-pound product, for $119. 

    If you are wondering how snow gets shipped long distances before turning to water, you aren’t alone. does its best to ensure that the snow

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  • A radio station in Australia surprised a deserving mother of four, capturing it all on hidden camera. Kyle and Jackie O from the “Kyle and Jackie O” show on KIIS 1065 heard about a woman named Michelle who tragically lost her 19-year-old son Blaine during a freak work accident involving a tractor.  After Blaine’s passing, Michelle took time off from work to grieve and consequently fell behind on bills. With a camera set up in her car, Michelle’s daughter Crystal took her for a ride with Michelle’s two other children. The radio was tuned to KIIS 1065, and Kyle and Jackie O started to tell the story being featured in their “Giveback” segment. Michelle listened as Jackie O told the story of a mother who would be listening in the car with her three kids. “This is someone who has lost someone very close to them. ... She thinks she’s on her way to a spa day. Michelle, we are talking to you. And I know how hard you’ve been suffering lately.”
    Michelle quickly realizes the segment is about her.

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  • In case you just can’t wait a few more days for the Season 3 premiere of “House of Cards,” fear not: You can now get your fix — “Sesame Street”-style! The new parody video, “House of Bricks,” takes the Three Little Pigs classic for a spin as told by Frank Underwolf ... get it?

    The video was uploaded to “Sesame Street’s” YouTube page and has been viewed more than 600,000 times in only a day. The ever-popular children’s show has really been on a roll lately — cue the Big Bird “Birdman” parody.

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  • We all played Hungry Hungry Hippos as kids, but now the tabletop game has been given a much-needed upgrade.

    Thanks to Tanner Nielson, the classic game has been taken off the dining room table and moved into a gym for a human version aptly titled “Human Hungry Hippos.”

    Nielson posted a clip of the large-scale Hungry Hungry Hippos human-style to YouTube, and the video has all of us viewers anxious to give the game a try.

    All you need to play is an empty gym, balloons, plastic laundry baskets, a few dollies and enough bungee cords to go around.

    And don’t forget a helmet: Safety first!

    Next we would like someone to create a life-size version of Candy Land.

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  • Our friends to the north in Canada have become experts on finding unique ways to deal with piles of snow this winter.  One innovative snow engineer, Marcel Landry of Prince Edward Island, dug an impressive snow tunnel in front of his home to get to his car.  He told CBC News: “Instead of shoveling the whole thing out and getting the wind to fill it back in, I just started digging in and in following the path, and eventually I found the car. This took about 6½ hours.” He says he was driven by boredom and cabin fever:
    It’s not just Canadians who are using the tunnel technique. A team of shovelers in Boston noticed that a popular bike path, the Wellington Greenway, was blocked by a giant snow pile. It cut off access for hikers and bikers, and even halted commuters from getting to the nearby T stop, so they got to work to fix the problem with a tunnel. After 10 hours of digging, the crew, headed up by Ari Goldberger and his friend Shadron Davis, completed an impressive 40-foot tunnel

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