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    Pigs in a blanket, and ice cream for breakfast? This is certainly not Beyoncé’s vegan diet announcement video, released earlier this week.

    Instead, this video, which has gone viral, shows a little oinker named Pickle, who is just living his own flawless life.

    Waking up from what appears to be a cozy nap, he is greeted by an angel with a halo — we mean his owner, model Max DiNatale — with an ice cream cone in his hand. 

    Maybe you didn’t know pigs liked ice cream, but this one seems to be a big fan of a vanilla cone. It is apparently safe to give pigs ice cream on occasion, since it will not disrupt their digestive system. However, too much sugar is thought to cause pigs to display bad behavior. Pigs — they’re just like us! 

    Piggin’ out 24/7 — pig-jama party!  We could go on... but that’ll do.



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  • Meet Rose Nicholas, a 23-year-old woman from England, and, no, she’s not Taylor Swift’s long-lost twin — she’s a Taylor Swift impersonator.

    People started observing Rose’s likeness to the pop singer when she was just 17, and the comparisons haven’t stopped as Taylor Swift’s celebrity has risen.

    So Rose decided to cash in and now makes over $600 a gig as a Taylor Swift look-alike.

    But it’s not just at events that people mistake Rose for Taylor; Rose is often stopped on the streets by Taylor Swift fans hoping to get a picture with her.  She has even fooled the paparazzi into thinking she was the real Taylor Swift!

    “People refused to believe me when I said I wasn’t Taylor Swift,” Rose recalled about a trip to New York. “I was bombarded by groups of tourists desperate to get a photo or video. It was overwhelming. The next day, I found all sorts of photos popping up of me on social media mistaking me for the real Taylor Swift in Times Square!”

    Don’t think you would mistake this doppelgänger

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  • Lucas D’Onofrio may officially be the sweetest man in America.

    Tamara Bruzzo was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in February, and has gone through six 96-hour chemotherapy sessions.

    After her last chemo session, her longtime boyfriend, Lucas, decided to celebrate in the best way — by popping the question.

    “I wanted it to be a symbol of closing the chapter of cancer in her life and opening a new chapter with our lives together,” Lucas said.

    Armed with a bouquet of red roses after filling Tamara’s hospital room with flameless candles and balloons, Lucas got down on one knee and poured his heart out.

    “I don't know what I would do without you. I knew we were meant to be since six years ago, and God gave us another chance,” Lucas told Tamara. “I wanted to ask: Will you marry me?"

    No surprise here — Tamara said yes! And right on cue, fireworks — organized by Lucas — went off.

    Lucas wrote on YouTube: “I hope you all enjoy it as I put lots of time and work on all of this with the help of

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  • Here we have a child who’s really stepped in it.

    A video of a child having a meltdown after stepping in dog poop is taking the Internet by storm.

    Now, it’s not a fun thing stepping in dog poop, and this child’s reaction certainly reminds us of that.

    He begs and begs for paper towels, and while he exclaims that he is “not so excited,” his parents just mockingly laugh at his predicament. They also remind him that he “can still walk” in his greatest time of need.

    Please note that his T-shirt says, “You don’t know me.” But we feel like we do! We see ourselves in his reaction.

    We also think this little boy should have a talk with that pug about what it means to be man’s best friend.

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  • Cheaters never win, especially if they get caught.

    The annual National College Entrance Exam — known as gaokao — is the only way to get into college in China.

    The stakes are so high that for years students have come up with some pretty ingenious tricks to one up their competition: cameras in eyeglasses drink bottles, armpits and pens that can transmit images of the test questions to other students.

    Now, officials in China are taking extreme measures to prevent students from cheating on the toughest test in the land — with silent flying drones.

    The drones will detect suspicious radio signals released by the cheaters’ transmitters and basically will be the worst tattletale ever.

    We have a strange feeling that, when the cheaters are caught, the punishment could be a bit worse than a trip to the principal’s office.

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