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  • John Hawkins, a teacher who has been traveling the world since 2008, recently captured some uncanny footage at the Modisa Wildlife Project in Maun, Botswana. Hawkins witnessed a heartwarming moment with Sirga the lioness, who was exiled from her pride as a cub and rescued by conservationists Valentin Gruener and Mikkel Legarth.

    In this candid footage, Sirga is shown displaying some wild emotions and a lot of appreciation for Gruener, including lunging, cuddling, and play-fighting. She weighs 110 pounds, and you can see that she is almost the same height as her rescuer.

    Now, insert flashback here. Remember Christian the lion? This domesticated, oversized feline lived in London throughout the 1960s after being purchased by John Rendall and Anthony Bourke. It was later released into the wild in Kenya because it had outgrown the living space of its former owners. After a year, Christian was reunited with the two men. The reunion was captured in a documentary, and that moment in the film

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  • Even after waiting several hours near Buckingham Palace, you'd be lucky to catch a glimpse of the queen of the United Kingdom. But now it's even cooler if you can get a selfie with her. And she's not too happy about it if you do. In the modern age of self-absorbed cellphone photography and social media postings (and very awkward moments), the British monarch is having a hard time adjusting to this mainstream medium.

    In a conversation last year with U.S. Ambassador Matthew Barzun at Buckingham Palace following his appointment, Queen Elizabeth remarked that she finds it all "strange" and "disconcerting." Barzun recently told British publication Tatler, "She was essentially saying: 'I miss eye contact.' " The queen also regards the act of taking a selfie as bad manners due to the lack of human contact with the person being photographed.

    The 88-year-old head of state is no stranger to technological evolutions, as she often tours tech facilities and other industrial factories around the

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  • For a friend or family member, living with and watching someone suffering with Alzheimer’s disease is frequently heartbreaking. But sometimes, when all seems lost, something miraculous happens. 

    In a video that has gone viral, Georgia native Kelly Gunderson captured a precious and unpredictable moment while lying in a hospital beside her ailing mother. For a brief moment, the older woman was able to reflect and recognize her loving daughter.

    At first, the 87-year-old mother appears to realize that she is next to her daughter in the bed. Gunderson inquires, "Do you think that I would lay here with just anybody?" Her mother, quite able to respond says, "No. I think you want to have to love them if they want to." Gunderson follows up by asking her mother whether she knows who she is. And in an astounding instant, her mother happily replies that she does and responds, "Kelly."

    According to, more than 5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer's disease, which is a form of

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  • When was the last time you saw someone get up close and personal with a volcano?

    Probably never, except through the eyes of film fantasy, television documentaries, or the occasional adventure video game. Shifting all fantasy aside, take a look at some impressive images and video of a volcano in action.

    Mount Tavurvur, located near the town of Rabaul in the eastern region of Papua New Guinea, erupted on Friday morning at about 3 a.m. local time, spewing molten lava and forcing nearby residents to leave their homes and businesses. People in surrounding areas were also advised to stay indoors for their own safety. Some fearless onlookers — both within close proximity and at a safe distance, across the water — captured a variety of pictures and footage. Now you can see many of those incredible pictures all over Twitter

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  • In the wake of Tropical Storm Marie, which is currently off the coast of Baja California and stretches more than 100 miles, many are feeling its negative effects. But one community has found immense pleasure in the force of Mother Nature's winds and waves. Many surfers in the Malibu area and other parts of Southern California flocked to the seaside to ride waves that reached 15 to 20 feet, presenting once-in-a-lifetime, extremely risky sporting conditions.

    Over the last few hours, amazing footage has been uploaded to various social media sites, including video of 50-year-old surfing legend Laird Hamilton. His reputation as a master of big-wave surfing remains untarnished as he puts on a show of death-defying action. And that's putting it lightly. But Hamilton's surfing isn't the only thing that will keep you in awe. Aerial footage of the surfers and the shoreline taken from cameras attached to quadcopters is astounding, shot from a distance that offers a refreshing perspective.

    If you

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