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  • With Shark Week on the Discovery Channel just ending, it's understandable that you may have the carnivorous fish on the mind and think that such a dangerous predator should be avoided at all costs.

    A certain grouper clearly didn't think so.

    In this video, which was featured on the front page of Reddit, we see the two fish circling each other right before the 4-foot shark gets caught on a fisherman's line.

    What happens next is a big surprise.

    Commenters on Reddit, where the video has been upvoted to the Front Page, write things like, "And that is why the ocean terrifies me," "There's always bigger fish," and, "My God! What's a grouper?!"

    Groupers typically have a thick, strong body and a large mouth with heavy crushing tooth plates. Their mouths and gills form a powerful sucking system to swallow prey rather than bite pieces off. They usually eat fish, octopi, and crustaceans. Some species ambush their prey, while others are active predators.

    Did this video just change your mind about

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  • Usually a collision on the highway would means injuries are sure to follow, but what happens in this video ends in a completely unexpected manner. The incredible nature of the chain of events will most likely cause you to watch the footage a couple of times.

    At first, it just looks like a normal drive on a bridge, when suddenly, a motorcycle comes into view and goes full speed into another vehicle in front of it. What's astonishing is that the rider doesn't go down. Instead, the motorcyclist goes full-on Spider-Man and appears to land on the roof of the car he or she collided with.

    Differing accounts place it in either Russia or Belarus. Like many other incredible videos, the 30-second clip is recorded on a dashboard camera, which has become more popular in former Soviet states as a way to film potentially corrupt police.

    Now some are claiming that the video is too incredible to be real, but what do you think? Is it legit? 

    Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Wedding season is upon us. It's understandable that some people get cold feet, but this guy went to extremes to avoid getting married — by faking his own death.

    Tucker Blandford, 23, met his bride-to-be, Alex Lanchester, in August 2012 at a college in Connecticut. They hit it off and quickly fell in love.

    Lanchester, from the United Kingdom, was studying abroad for a year. When that year was up, they shared a tearful goodbye at the airport, where Blandford got down on one knee and proposed.

    They were to be married on Aug. 15. Lanchester spent over $1,000 on wedding invitations, the photographer, the wedding dress, and other preparations. Blandford even booked a venue on the campus where they had met.

    Then one day Lanchester got a phone call from a man identifying himself as Tucker's "dad," saying his son had been depressed and had "thrown himself in front of a car," ending his life.

    Devastated, she called Tucker's mother to offer condolences. Tucker's mother told Lanchester that her

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  • Tom Hanks famously yelled, "There's no crying in baseball!" in the 1992 film "A League of Their Own."

    Fast-forward to the Little League World Series Monday night. Coach and manager Dave Belisle of Rhode Island's Cumberland American All-Stars stopped the waterworks by giving an inspiring speech to his little guys after they were eliminated after a close game with Jackie Robinson West, 8-7.

    As most of the kids in the huddle cried, Belisle had them lift their heads and look him in the eye. Coach got a little sentimental himself before finally bringing the boys in for one last team hug.

    In the press room after the game, Belisle said, "They definitely learned what the word pride is."

    Belisle added, "I got a lot of attention here for how I coach. It's easy for me to coach like that when you have such wonderful kids that dedicate themselves, that respect you as much as I respect them … They gave me a summer of my life that I'll never forget."

    What did you think of the coach's speech? Let us

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  • Three teenage siblings from Georgia came up with a high-tech way to report any interactions with police — good or bad.

    It is a smartphone app called Five-O. Across the nation, people who buy the app can use it to document every step of an encounter with police.

    The app has several functions. There is a "Know Your Rights" tab that summarizes what your rights are when you are stopped by the police, while the community message forums discuss local law enforcement issues.

    It's like a Yelp of sorts but for local police officers instead of restaurants, so users can complete incident reports to gauge good and bad behavior, with aims to increase efficiency, set positive examples, and in negative cases, serve as a starting point for problem-solving.

    The creators behind the app are 16-year-old Ima, 15-year-old Asha, and their brother, 14-year-old Caleb Christian.

    "We've been hearing about the negative instances in the news, for instance most recently the Michael Brown case, and we always talk about

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