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  • Back in January, 17-year-old high school senior Lynzee Ford of Kilgore, Texas, was diagnosed with a nontreatable form of leukemia. Her friends rallied around her, even fixing her mother's home to be wheelchair-friendly. Then, after months of battling the disease with multiple rounds of chemotherapy, doctors informed Lynzee that she had only a few months to live. When her friends heard that she might not make it to graduation, they put together her own special early graduation. So on Monday, with the entire student body in attendance, Lynzee got to wear her cap and gown and accept a high school diploma.  Principal Gregg Brown was the keynote speaker and said of the teen, "Lynzee is a very special young lady here at Kilgore High School and is loved by us all, and she wanted to graduate from here, and we wanted to make sure that happened."
    During the graduation speeches, Lynzee's teacher and assistant softball coach, Kathy Mehringer, shared a special memory of a talk they had following

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  • Eyebrow raising, eye rolling, and awkward pauses are not things news anchors hope to get out of guests during interviews. Aretha Franklin doesn't do a whole lot of interviews on live television, and now we might know why. During a recent press tour via satellite for her new album, "Aretha Franklin Sings the Great Diva Classics," the Queen of Soul spoke to dozens of television news anchors, and to put it simply, it went really — and we mean really — badly.  There were some audio delays and earpiece issues mixed with what Aretha calls a lack of sleep, telling a Fox 45 morning news anchor, "Listen I only had four hours sleep, OK? I'm a little slow."
    If you enjoy the video of Aretha's charming interviews, you can thank Brian McCoy, who took time away from reviewing gospel music online to compile the string of classic, sassy moments. McCoy really made it easy for Joel McHale and his team over at the "The Soup."
    During another interview on New York's PIX11, the studio crew decided to play

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  • An odd but impressive video popped up on Vimeo recently, and we can't stop watching it. It's a CGI (computer-generated imagery) rendering of a horizontally rotating column knocking over and pushing around what looks like humans. The video is titled "I've fallen, and I can't get up!" It was uploaded by Dave Fothergill, a visual-effects artist from the U.K. Why can't we take our eyes off this? Because it's almost hypnotic!

    Soon after the release of the original silent version, which has gone viral, an Internet entrepreneur, Andy Baio, got his hands on it and added his own horrifying sound effects to go along with the visuals.

    Like many bizarre online works of art, the video was posted to Reddit, where commenters weighed in with their thoughts, such as "This is the most oddly-satisfying thing I've ever seen!" and "It's like watching a hundred euphoria enabled ragdolls." 

    Fothergill says he used a special-effects plug-in called Miarmy, which was designed to create crowd simulations. If

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    One of the best friends you will ever have in this world will be your sister. You will know more about one another than anyone else. You will know what she looks like before she has her coffee in the morning. You will know if she is in a bad mood without asking. Most of all, you will know exactly how to cheer her up.

    The woman in this video, which has gone viral, is clearly a very good sister.

    Trying to bring a smile to her sister's face during her seventh round of chemotherapy, this unknown woman filmed herself dancing to Cali Swag District's "Teach Me How to Dougie." She holds nothing back in her attempt to make her sister smile.

    The video has struck a chord. It has been shared over 50,000 times on Facebook and viewed more than 2.7 million times so far. There are thousands of encouraging comments.

    Here's the full video:


    Toward the end of the video, when the dancing stops, the woman sends out a message of support to her sister, and all sisters,

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    Weather reporters don't always have it easy, from getting blown around while broadcasting a story on blizzard conditions to surviving a scary, gigantic spider on a camera lens. But today's story goes to the dogs.  

    Mike Sobel is a weather reporter from Global Edmonton Morning News in Canada. On Friday morning, a dog from the Edmonton Humane Society was on hand during the newscast to promote pet adoption. Sobel playfully invited the 18-month-old mastiff mix named Ripple to co-host his weather report when things started to head south.  

    The rambunctious puppy jumped up and down while a distracted Sobel tried to carry on the report, saying, "Ripple sit. Sit Ripple. Ripple's not sitting that's for sure." You can hear Sobel's co-workers having a good laugh in the background.

    Ripple strongly tugs at its leash while it thrashes Sobel around the set. Then, just when you think it couldn't get any worse, Ripple successfully chews through the leash and jumps up on Sobel, who ends the report

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