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  • Cheaters never win, especially if they get caught.

    The annual National College Entrance Exam — known as gaokao — is the only way to get into college in China.

    The stakes are so high that for years students have come up with some pretty ingenious tricks to one up their competition: cameras in eyeglasses drink bottles, armpits and pens that can transmit images of the test questions to other students.

    Now, officials in China are taking extreme measures to prevent students from cheating on the toughest test in the land — with silent flying drones.

    The drones will detect suspicious radio signals released by the cheaters’ transmitters and basically will be the worst tattletale ever.

    We have a strange feeling that, when the cheaters are caught, the punishment could be a bit worse than a trip to the principal’s office.

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  • You wouldn’t think that a giant prehistoric cookie would scare Cookie Monster, but that’s exactly what happens in Sesame Street’s latest parody video. This time the show takes on “Jurassic Park” in a clip called “Jurassic Cookie.”

    Cookie Monster stars as a brilliant scientist with a seemingly simple idea, “Me take little piece of cookie found in zillion-year-old rock, turn it into big cookie, and open super-duper theme park.”

    But, as in the movie, his plans go awry, and suddenly the Cookiesaurus is on the loose!

    “First time cookie ever tried to eat me!” Cookie Monster exclaims in the video.

    Turns out the only thing that will calm down this giant prehistoric gingerbread cookie dinosaur is … a hug.

    But in the end, it’s Cookie Monster who gets the last laugh. “This giant prehistoric cookie smells delicious!” he says as he hugs the Cookiesaurus, and he begins to chase it.

    Guess we’ll have to wait for the sequel to see how things turn out!

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  • How many sea lions are too many sea lions? Whatever the answer, Astoria, Ore., has reached that number.

    Sea lions have taken over local boat docks in the town. They're eating all the fish, preventing people from reaching their boats, and leaving behind 10 to 30 pounds of sea lion poop a day.

    As we know, desperate times call for desperate measures.  So the town brought in a 32-foot fiberglass orca.

    The owner of a nearby whale-watching business donated the former parade float, which looks like an orca, or killer whale. Everyone was hoping that the float, which resembles the sea lions’ natural predator, would intimidate the pesky critters.
    Not so much.

    Instead of creating killer whale terror, the whale flipped over, filled with water and nearly sank.

    No sea lions were scared, and no sea lions left.

    But #fakeOrca took off on Twitter when national news got hold of the story.

    Failure is not an option for the town, however. It plans to try the scare tactic again in August — once the fake orca

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  • Matt Bray’s goal is to encourage others to create and tackle their own bucket lists.

    The college student from Naperville, Ill., says you shouldn’t wait until you’re dying to do the things that make you happy.

    In a sequel to his previous viral video, “100 days of dance,” Bray has released “100 Places of Dance.” In this latest video, he does the same dance in 100 places to the tune of Parov Stelar’s “The Sun.”
    These videos are part of the young man’s ongoing “ProjectOneLife,” which comes from the saying “You only live once.”
    We are on board with this kind of Monday motivation!

    Tell us some of the songs that get you motivated in the comments below.

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    “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride” is a phrase that didn't really depress us much until we realized dogs are getting married now, too.

    The stylish fashion site Racked took some good-looking pups and let them show off Martha Stewart’s new line of canine wedding couture for PetSmart. They strutted around the East Village in New York, and wedding drama ensued.

    Gone are the wedding seasons that lacked options for tiny tuxes and dresses. Martha’s line even extends to larger sizes for the pups that forgot that wedding detox.

    All of the wedding guests’ Instagram accounts can be viewed here: @mrssizzle, @nyyankeedog, @readyyfreddie, @ellabeanthedog@mightylittlelion, @louis_reginald, @nuggetdog_nyc.

    Hope this puppy love lasts longer than the summer!


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