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  • Cuteness overload! Here’s the most adorable way to celebrate a tiny hedgehog’s birthday. Bake me a tiny pink cake and invite my tiny friends to a tiny dining table

    Seeing a hedgehog with icing on its mouth may look familiar, because it’s brought by the same people who brought us tiny hamsters eating tiny burritos - that video’s at almost 8 million views. A social media agency called Hello Denizen ( started uploading these shorts earlier this year - and the latest installment has us drooling for more bite-sized deliciousness!

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  • If you're following one newscast, "you must get out of Canada!"

    In a fake but adorable broadcast of the so-called VCN breaking news, pint-sized presenters claim that the country is dangerous. This show, produced by the husband-and-wife team of Black Hat Media Utah, has been watched over 30,000 times. Nieces Libby, 7, and Sarah, 5, toss back and forth on "right now's news," reading without a prompter. The girls apparently got a green screen and wanted to play around with the technology.

    Viewers on YouTube have found it hilarious, with one commenting, "Hope everyone got out of Canada ok."

    But why the Canada bashing? you ask. A weather specialist came to Libby's school and left a big impression of the country on her.

    Tornados aside, we're advised by these aspiring journalists not to leave anything behind in weather disasters — especially your fridge. Thanks for the tips, ladies! You have a great broadcasting future ahead of you — maybe not in Canada, though. #sorrynotsorry

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  • Homeowners in the town of Vista, in the New York City suburbs panicked and ran out of the house after they smelled smoke.

    The response from the small Vista Fire Department was caught on a heatproof helmetcam (aka FireCam). It gets us so close we can almost touch the flames. The video, now viewed over 18,000 times, shows us firsthand how firefighters respond to and battle a chaotic inferno.

    The house fire was made more problematic with downed wires and communication, manpower, and hose problems. The firefighters tried to close the front door to contain the flames, but the glass part of the door melted. But with the help of other fire companies, the blaze was brought under control. No one was hurt, and we're reminded of these firefighters putting their lives on the line every time.

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  • After 50 years of being shackled in spikes, Raju the elephant has been freed from captivity in India. A team of 10 wildlife experts and veterinarians from Wildlife SOS, accompanied by police, entered his enclosure in the middle of the night, removed the shackles from his legs, and rescued Raju.

    Operation Raju was difficult. During the mission, his captors tried to fight off the rescuers, who eventually had to gain the elephant's trust by offering it fruit.

    Volunteers say they witnessed tears streaming down Raju's face after he was freed from his chains. Some animal experts believe elephants are capable of crying since they appear to experience emotions similar to those of humans.

    Many commenters on the YouTube video are sympathetic toward the animal.  One person wrote, "When are people going to realize that animals feel just as we do, if not more. So heartbreaking."

    The rescuers say Raju was bound 24 hours a day and spent his time as a beggar's prop. He was found in poor shape after

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  • Prepare to be stunned. We're seeing more and more drones being sent into the skies and capturing never-before-seen footage. This holiday weekend resulted in a bird's-eye view of colors bursting in air, providing us with beautiful pictures.

    A camera-mounted drone flying above downtown Nashville, Tenn., captured the spectacular view of the fireworks in celebration of America's birthday. The $1,300 device, provided by local businessman Robert Hartline, also took in the city skyline and river backdrop.

    This isn't the first time we've seen the rocket flares up-close and personal. In May, Jos Stiglingh took us on an aerial journey through the fireworks show in West Palm Beach, Fla. GoPro shared the video, which has been viewed 6.5 million times. The video of the fireworks show is set to an Andrea Bocelli aria — and the performance is dramatic to say the least.

    The stunts are stirring controversy, too. Online comments on both videos discuss irresponsibility and recklessness. Some viewers

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