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  • In the wake of Tropical Storm Marie, which is currently off the coast of Baja California and stretches more than 100 miles, many are feeling its negative effects. But one community has found immense pleasure in the force of Mother Nature's winds and waves. Many surfers in the Malibu area and other parts of Southern California flocked to the seaside to ride waves that reached 15 to 20 feet, presenting once-in-a-lifetime, extremely risky sporting conditions.

    Over the last few hours, amazing footage has been uploaded to various social media sites, including video of 50-year-old surfing legend Laird Hamilton. His reputation as a master of big-wave surfing remains untarnished as he puts on a show of death-defying action. And that's putting it lightly. But Hamilton's surfing isn't the only thing that will keep you in awe. Aerial footage of the surfers and the shoreline taken from cameras attached to quadcopters is astounding, shot from a distance that offers a refreshing perspective.

    If you

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  • If you drive a car, you've seen roadkill on occasion. But how often do you actually see a "road rescue"? This save from danger might be one of a kind.

    A couple driving along a rural road on the Olkhon Island of Russia discovered a cute and chubby prairie dog in need of some immediate assistance. It was unable to push itself out of a hole in the middle of the road. Now just to clarify, a prairie dog is not a canine but a rodent that feeds on grass, roots, and seeds. It lives in small burrows with entrances ranging in size from 4 inches to 1 foot in diameter. Prairie dogs also use up to six entrances to navigate across and around their territories. And it seems as if this little guy was stuck trying to get out of its tunnel system, perhaps because of damage to the entrance made by passing traffic.

    The traveling couple liberated the animal by using a little elbow grease and a small blue towel to pull it out of the opening. Judging by the large rodent's reaction — a lack of gratitude upon

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  • One day into a cease-fire between Hamas and Israel, information about the past few months of violence is surfacing. In a new video recently posted by a pro-Israel, anti-Hamas YouTube channel called 'Sin,' an unknown Israeli town is shown under attack. While warning sirens alert the area, men, women, and children scatter for shelter. What is loosely seen in the footage, which already has more than one million views, is the efficiency of the Iron Dome, which intercepts and destroys 15 separate steel artillery Qassam rockets launched by Palestinian militants.

    The Iron Dome is Israel's all-weather, mobile, short-range missile defense system consisting of a three-piece unit which includes a radar system, a battle management system, and a rocket launcher that fires interceptor missiles. The system cuts off missiles and artillery shells fired from a range of 2 to 40 miles, and also ensures that debris doesn't fall on populated areas. It has a reported success rate of 90 percent.


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  • One of the biggest events in the life of a family is the arrival of a new child. It's almost always a very big deal for the expectant mother, as well as the friends and family members around her. Usually the announcement of the pregnancy is met with congratulatory feedback. But in the case of Shanee Gibson Hart, from Fort Lewis, Washington, telling her young son, Tré, and toddler daughter, Amaya, was more of an ordeal than a big deal. Filming the announcement to her children in the privacy of a car, Hart broke the news, and her little man was none too happy yet quite hilarious.

    In the back-seat breakdown, Tré voices his unhappiness at having to share his parents' love with yet another sibling. His disgust even has him delivering big words, saying the idea is "exasperating." When was the last time you pulled out that word to describe anything, let alone sibling angst?

    Obviously upset about the breaking news and concerned that another person in his family would destroy their current

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  • Depending on whether or not you had a loving father, after screening this viral video you might feel inspired, jealous, or cheated in your own youth. But you're still probably mature enough to feel warm and fuzzy about one man's fatherly love. And this dad happens to be awesome.

    Daniel Hashimoto just wants his kid's dreams to come true, at least a little. Earlier this year, we first saw James, aka Action Movie Kid, in a hit viral video created by the wizardly dad who's an After Effects artist at DreamWorks Animation in Los Angeles. The first installment of "Action Movie Kid" included stunts and themes from science-fiction and superhero movies such as "Star Wars," "Batman," and "Iron Man." The video quickly gained momentum after its debut and even garnered international media attention. To date, "Action Movie Kid: Volume One" has had more than 2 million views on YouTube and will probably have a whole lot more. 

    The dynamic duo is back with another round of great moments that are bound

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