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  • The idea of two dogs confronting a bear conjures up scenes from a Disney movie from the '90s. But that's what happened one day recently in a New Hampshire backyard.

    YouTube user Cue Foils uploaded a clip to the site on May . The video shows a bear crawling in from the woods to inspect a bird feeder hanging from a tree. The black bear slowly moves over to the tree, stands up, and begins poking around to see what kind of food it contains.

    But as soon as the bear touched foot, er paw, on the property, two dogs can be heard off camera barking. The canines belong to the homeowner, and they are not exactly thrilled to have a visitor. According to the video uploader, the dogs were contained on a porch overlooking the lawn.

    Enraged over the trespasser, the two bulldogs broke through the railings and sprinted up to the bear. As the large animal tried to eat from the bird feeder, the dogs surrounded him.

    All three animals froze for a second. With one dog in front of him and another behind him,

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  • Celebrity chef Alton Brown took to his YouTube channel again and displayed a creative how-to on a rather straightforward task.

    The only difference is that this demonstration comes with a warning: Don't try this at home.

    Brown published a video on Wednesday titled "Champagne Saber Time." The post is a step-by-step tutorial on how to open a Champagne bottle with a sword. In typical Brown fashion, the TV personality also breaks down the science behind a Champagne bottle's cork popping and the history of Champagne drinking.

    "Champagne: In victory, you deserve; in defeat, you need it," Brown pans at the beginning of the almost five minute piece. "Or so said Napoleon, and he should know. As his light cavalry units stylishly charged around Europe in the — a long time ago, they drank a great deal of this stuff, or so legend states."

    After joking that the viewer has to sign a waiver, Brown begins the demonstration by placing the bottle of bubbly upside down in an ice bucket. He insists it

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  • A YouTube prankster has taken his acts of charity to a new level, raising enough money to put a roof over the head of a homeless man.

    Rahat Hossain is usually pranking drive-through workers or acting out illusions such as walking on water through his "Magic of Rahat" YouTube channel. But in March, the magician staged a prank, which received 15 million views, in which he helped a homeless man cash a fake lottery ticket. The "winning" ticket was part of an elaborate stunt to raise the man's spirits and give him $1,000. Since then, viewers have reached out to Hossain with more donations.

    "I got his backstory, and I wanted to hear why he became homeless in the first place," Hossain told Yahoo. "A lot of people vouched for this guy. They said he's an honest guy. He doesn't spend (money) on drugs and alcohol."

    The homeless man, Eric, has since appeared in some of Hossain's videos. In the magician's latest piece, Eric is once again the focal point.

    "Homeless Man Gets A Home" starts with

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  • People in general can be quite relentless on Twitter. But the mass of users hiding behind the veil of their timeline becomes more evident during a sporting event. And as fanatical as some enthusiasts in the States can be, the passion for soccer teams overseas is on a completely different level.

    Recognizing this, European sports betting site Paddy Power decided to key in fans that tweet about the Arsenal Football Club franchise. The website took three tweets directed at players Lukas Podolski, Per Mertesacker and Mikel Arteta and had the players read and then respond to them. Literally.

    For example, Mitchel Cooper posted, "I reckon milk turns quicker than Per Mertesacker." After the player read the tweet out loud, a referee placed a container of milk in a fridge on the field and blew his whistle. Mertesacker ran from the sideline and back, turning around a cone.

    The milk did not go bad, and Cooper's opinion was disproved — at least in the literal sense.

    Sam Kaye also took a shot at an

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  • A little more than a year has passed since Sara Bareilles announced that she was embarking on a new journey. The "Love Song" singer left her band, split with her boyfriend, and moved out of Los Angeles in the process.

    What has transpired since could be marked as one of the greatest periods yet in Bareilles's young career. She scored two Grammy nominations for her album The Blessed Unrest, inspired audiences with her hit song "Brave," and sold out Radio City Music Hall.

    Now the songstress is paying the happiness forward in a new music video for her latest single, "I Choose You."

    On March 11, Bareilles announced a contest online, inviting fans to share their "#IChooseYou" story.

    "I'm looking for someone planning a proposal to a Sara Bareilles (me!) fan," she wrote. "If you or someone you know is planning a fantastic proposal, I want to help! … The more elaborate and creative the better."

    "I Choose You" is the second single from The Blessed Unrest. The mid-tempo ballad speaks of finding

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