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  • Viral social media memes such as "planking" and "Tebowing" are a distant memory. "LeBroning" is so two months ago. The latest Internet craze doesn't involve standing still, nor does it play off a popular athlete. Instead, a rather large mammal inspired this meme.

    "Whaling" is what the kids on Vine are calling it. The exact term for the surfacing of the whale above water is "breaching," but clearly that doesn't sound as cool. However, the social network references that in its definition of the action. The "whaling" page on Vine reads, "to dive backwards with one's body in a public or unusual place like a whale breaching the surface of the ocean."

    Videos are popping up all over the Internet of people leaping above a barrier and back below it. "Whaling" can apparently happen anywhere you have a bit of space, from the produce section of grocery stores to a booth in a restaurant. It clearly does not seem fit for someone with a bad back.

    If you're shaking your head in dismay at the latest

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  • Gloria Campos affected many lives over her 30-year career at the anchor desk of WFAA TV in Dallas, Texas. In a touching moment during her final week on the job, one of those people returned to say thanks .

    Ke'onte Cook is 14. In 2007, Campos featured Ke'onte in a weekly segment she hosts called "Wednesday's Child." The feature aims to place children up for adoption in loving homes. Campos reconnected with Ke'onte two years later, after a failed adoption. This time, Carol and Scott Cook were watching the news and saw Ke'onte.

    "He just spoke to us through the video," Scott Cook told the TV station. "It just seemed like he was talking to us."

    The Cook family adopted Ke'onte. The teenager is physically active and has a new interest in studying journalism. And he already knows his way around a news desk.

    Last Wednesday, during Campos's final week on the job, WFAA revisited some of the highlights of her career. After airing an update on Ke'onte's story, the 14-year-old walked on-set and

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  • A new YouTube video with over three million views shows one child screaming, falling, and then screaming again for ice cream.

    Selina O’Meara of Nenagh, Ireland was babysitting her godchild Liam and his older brother Luke. The professional photographer decided to snap a few photos of the kids as they ate beans and toast.

    “Luke was putting all of the beans in the bowl (on his toast),” O’Meara tells us. “I thought, ‘This is gonna go wrong.’”

    Sure enough, moments after hitting record, young Liam takes a tumble off of a ledge in the kitchen. Not five seconds later, Luke hears a sound in the background.

    “The ice cream…” he yells, not able get the word “truck” out of his mouth before falling out of his chair. O’Meara begins laughing before exclaiming “Oh my God!” as she pans down to see Luke crying his eyes out.

    “He was okay,” she said. “The chairs aren’t really that high.”

    Luke and Liam’s mother thought it was hilarious. They decided to upload the clip to YouTube and post it on Facebook so

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  • Sara Maria Forsberg has become an overnight YouTube sensation. Her videos have received over 10 million views in the span of less than a week and a half.

    It all started nine days ago, with the upload of “What Languages Sound Like To Foreigners.” Forsberg tells us that she was always fascinated with languages and dialects; she speaks three fluently. So she decided to mimic a number of different ways that people talk to one another.

    Reviews were mostly positive but definitely mixed. The video gained 100,000 views overnight and since has been viewed 7.7 million times.

    Forsberg followed that up with a sequel in which she answers a few frequently asked questions. Just two days ago, she uploaded another video where she mimics 14 different “genres,” or in some cases, descriptions, of music. Both of those videos have eclipsed a million views.

    The Finnish teenager graduated high school and chef school. She has a day job but since gaining Internet fame, has put it on hold. Her family and friends

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  • A GoPro video of a man skiing off a cliff to save his brother is going viral again thanks to Reddit.

    The video first surfaced a few months ago. Davis LaMair, his brother Edwin, and a friend were on the slopes at East Vail Chutes in Colorado on Dec. 22, 2013. The brothers start at the same point but head downhill in different directions. Davis, who has the camera affixed to his head, stops as soon as he reaches a cliff.

    "Is that an avalanche?" he asks another skier who is off camera. "That's Edwin in an avalanche! Yo, I'm dropping, I'm dropping."

    Davis skillfully moves off the cliff, down the slope, and over to his brother. Edwin is mostly submerged in snow. After knocking off his skies and ripping off the camera, Davis digs Edwin out to safety.

    Talking to the website BroBible, Edwin recalled the incident that almost took his life.

    "The slide took me downhill and the front of my skis hit the tree trunk, and I fell headfirst downhill into the slide," he wrote. "I slid another couple

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