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  • A trip to the DMV is not exactly something drivers consider a fun day, but how about if you rode up to the office on a horse? That's what one woman in Richmond, Virginia, did as a form of protest. Ashlee Owens, 26, had her license suspended after the DMV apparently said she did not provide proof of insurance. The suspended license made it illegal for her to drive from her home in Amelia all the way to Richmond, so she had a friend drive her there with a horse trailer attached. She then rode her horse, Sassy, up to the DMV office. She had her dog, Tuff, in tow as well. Owens said she sent all the necessary paperwork through regular mail and email, but the DMV did not receive it. She explained her struggle to WWBT NBC 12: "I've been trying for the past three days to get through to the DMV. ... I don't feel like I should be in this predicament at all."

    After waiting a few hours and having the nearly $700 fee waived, Owens rode away from the DMV with her head held high. She's now a

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  • YouTube jokester Rahat is famous for pranks like driving up to a drive through window with nobody behind the wheel on his page ‘Magic of Rahat’. But his latest prank, in honor of Halloween, takes advantage of a pretty popular fear--spiders. He went to a college campus with stacks of books and a small animal cage on top. He made passersby think he was struggling to hold the books while tying his shoe to get them to offer to help. Once the unsuspecting volunteer helps out by taking Rahat’s books, he uses sleight of hand to place a fake spider on their hand in the process. One by one, they each fall for the scare, and the results are hilarious. Those people got really freaked out, but can you blame them?

  • It's nearly Halloween, so that means it's time for people to decorate their houses with ghoulish displays of terrifying monsters or just put some pumpkins and other assorted gourds out on the lawn. If you are of the mind that your house should freak out as many neighborhood children as possible, you might want to take a look at Alton Porter's creation— a remote-controlled flying ghost. Aside from a quadcopter, it's actually pretty easy to construct. Porter took his own quadcopter; added some white fabric, a skull, and red LEDs; and voilà: a ghost able to sneak up on targets with the push of a button.Just think of the potential terror this thing could inflict. Heck, you could even take it for a walk — or float, so to speak. People on YouTube are huge fans of the video, with Porter himself writing, "Can't wait for Halloween."

    What's your favorite Halloween scare? Tell us on Facebook, or on Twitter at @YahooTrending.

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  • It's no surprise that most kids under the age of 15 don't know too much about beepers, cassette tapes, Walkman cassette players, phone books, and encyclopedias. Those items are basically extinct.

    And remember video stores? Chances are they have never been inside of one. To help fill them in, the folks at BuzzFeedYellow released a video titled "Video Stores Explained to Modern Kids." It's an excellent and detailed tutorial of exactly what the video store meant to the generation that preceded them. The YouTube video has been viewed more than 340,000 times so far.

    One great moment in the clip is the explanation of "Be Kind — Rewind" stickers on VHS tapes. Remember those? Well, that was a nice trip down memory lane. Comments on the video range from sentimental ("the good ole days") to dramatic ("it's sad to see my childhood die"). Sadly, as most of these nostalgic shops close down across the country, someday this video really will be one of the last traces of a lost VHS era.

    Which of your

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  • Julian Lines, also known as Jules, is one of Britain’s top free climbers, who takes on extreme heights using no ropes at all. Recently he attempted the ‘Whale Rock’ climbing route in Glen Nevis, Scotland appropriately named the ‘hold fast, hold true’. All was going well with the daring climb, until Jules appears to lose his grip and falls off of the cliff.

    Miraculously he only sustained bruised ribs during the fall. And three weeks later the daredevil even went on to become the first person to complete the almost impossible climb. You’re crazy Jules, but you’re also super talented. Head over to our Facebook page or hit us up on Twitter for more cool videos like this one.


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