Banker’s 1% Tip is a Hoax; Real Receipt Obtained

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Yesterday we reported a story about a banker who allegedly left a $1.33 tip on a $133 lunch bill at True Food Kitchen in Newport Beach, California. In addition, he added a 'tip' to "get a real job." It was meant to be a dig from the 1% to the 99%, and the story, as well as the image, were shared all over the Web. We posted it on our show and received thousands of comments about the insulting remark written on the receipt.

After contacting the restaurant, its spokesperson Jami Reagan told us the receipt was Photoshopped, and they have the original receipt to prove it. Trending Now has received the original copy of the receipt, and we can confirm that it was in fact digitally altered. Reagan said the reason that the issue was not corrected quicker is because the corporate offices were closed over the weekend.

The original receipt does not contain the tip "Get a real job." Also, the real bill was for $33.54, not $133.54, and the tip given was $7, not $1.33.

The blog that originally posted the receipt, Future Ex-Banker, was taken down Friday as well. True Food Kitchen also says that the receipt was not altered by anyone on their staff, adding that they would never post any guest's personal information.