‘Bic for Her’ Pens Get Bombarded with Sarcastic Reviews

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Nowadays we rarely buy anything online without checking the reviews that others have written about the product. If something receives 5 out of 5 stars, we're definitely more inclined to take a chance and buy it. But how often are the product reviews so amusing that it's hard to tell whether they're real, or people are just making fun of the product being sold.

A new product has inspired some sarcastic gems that have the Web laughing. The "Bic for Her" pen, which came out last year, is geared specifically toward women. Featuring "beautifully smooth writing," the pen is "designed to fit comfortably in a woman's hand." On Amazon.com, reviewers are perplexed by a gender-neutral product being assigned a specific gender.

So far, there are 133 reviews of the pens. Here are a couple of our favorites:

"When I saw these I just had to have them, so I asked my Husband to buy them for me. He refused, as he said that owning a pen might make me Think, and then have Ideas of My Own. Then I might start to Write, which would take time away from my wifely duties such as Cooking, Cleaning, and Bearing Children. Of course he was Absolutely Right, none of these tasks require a pen, and so I have to give these one star."

"Oh. My. God. I've been doing it all wrong. There was me thinking I didn't need to worry about whether my writing implement sufficiently reflected my gender. Thank you so much Bic for showing me the error of my ways. Perhaps Bic will also bring out a new range of pink (or purple) feminine spanners, screwdrivers, electric drills and angle grinders so that I can carry out my job as a bicycle mechanic without further embarrassing myself? Luckily my male colleagues have managed to keep their disapproval of my use of their masculine tools to themselves. I'm so ashamed. And re-educated as to my place in society. Thanks again Bic!"

Even with all the backlash in the reviews, the pen still has an average rating of 3.5 stars. A package of 16 pens in colors such as purple and pink retail for $7.61 on Amazon.com.