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Bikers Come Together to Give 11-Year-Old With Brain Cancer Best Birthday Ever

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Yesterday we profiled a couple of Internet jokesters helping a homeless man have a day he wouldn’t forget, in the interest (at least partly) of showing a different side of themselves. Well, it looks like the trend is continuing in a story out of Parma, Idaho.

Gage Driskell is an 11-year-old boy with life-threatening cancer. For his birthday, the motorcycle-loving youngster asked his dad, Jake, for a ride on a chopper. When Jake reached out to the community for help making Gage’s wish come true, local biker club member Dwight Murphy answered the call — in a major way. He assembled a group of over 75 riders to show up to Gage’s birthday party! And as if simply rolling a legitimate biker-cade into an 11-year-old’s birthday party weren't enough, many of the riders also brought gifts and donations along with their well-wishes.

Dwight made sure the fun didn’t stop there either, as Gage was given a leather vest autographed by every member of the group, and then popped into a sidecar for a ride along! The four-minute Web video of the ride gives us a full-length, first-person view of the experience through Gage’s eyes — which were no doubt smiling the whole time.

Gage is currently undergoing new rounds of cancer treatment in Denver, Colorado, funded in part by the generous donations of the gang. Along with the entire Parma community, we wish him all the best.

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