Bride Sues Videographer for $122,000 Over 'Worst' Wedding Video Ever

A Brooklyn, N.Y. bride is so distraught over her wedding video that she is suing the company that filmed it for six figures.

Monica Nikchemny married Felix Komrash in September of 2012. The wedding was held inside the Crystal Plaza in Livingston, N.J. In a blog post on the venue’s website, the Nikchemny’s and Komrash’s praise both the property and its staff.

“We could not have asked for a better outcome despite the weather,” they wrote in a letter to the Crystal Plaza. “You definitely handled everything in a professional manner and we could not be more happier! Everything was perfect. It was everything a bride could expect and more.”

But not everything on their big day went according to plan. The family hired Brooklyn-based Visualaz to produce the wedding video. According to a lawsuit filed in Brooklyn Supreme Court, there were conflicts from the get-go. Nikchemny and Komrash asked the production company months ahead of the wedding to play a short “love story” clip during the ceremony. Visualaz allegedly responded with a suggestion that the groom wear a dress in the video.

“It was very inappropriate and disrespectful,” Nikchemny told the New York Daily News. “A complete joke.”

Things didn’t improve on the day of the ceremony. The bride and her father, who filed the suit, claim that Visualaz showed up to the wedding with only a fraction of the equipment promised.

The result was a production that the bride likened to a “Seinfeld” episode. Nikchemny said that important parts of the day were missing, sound effects and applause tracks were dubbed in, and there was no beginning, middle, or end to the video; rather just a number of scenes spliced together.

“It was the worst thing in the world,” the bride said. “I was really, absolutely hysterical and I almost had a nervous breakdown.”

Monica {+} Felix - Monica's Bridal from Visualaz on Vimeo.

Nikchemny said she received the video while pregnant, and attributes the stress it caused to medical issues. They are now seeking a total of $122,000 in damages, including the $13,000 paid in the contract. In an e-mail to the Daily News, the production company said the lawsuit caught them by surprise, but would provide no further comment.

The video, or at least a version of it, is on Visualaz’s Vimeo channel. Would you be happy with this film? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or below.