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Couple Gets Married in Ambulance After Groom is Diagnosed with Terminal Illness

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Twelve days ago, family and friends of Carl Peyton Williams III worried that he would never be able to marry his love, Ruth Ann Terry. Williams had been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and was told he did not have long to live. But thanks to his family and the Marietta, Georgia, community at large, the two were wed — albeit in an unusual venue: the back of an ambulance.

Hospice workers arranged for the Puckett ambulance to take Williams to just outside the Cobb County Courthouse so that those near and dear to the couple could witness the nuptials. Chaplin Ron Daniel had met the couple the day before and told WSB Radio, "Everything just went beautifully. We just made it as quick and easy as we could for them."

Terry and Williams met seven years ago online and had been planning on getting married in the future, but the diagnosis inspired them to make it official sooner. Williams' family noted that in his previous career as a law enforcement officer, he had seen some of the worst of humanity and that it was a welcome lesson to see how people could come together to celebrate love, even at the end of life.

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