Chinese Company Used Leaked iPhone 5 Specs to Build Knockoff, Hopes to Sue Apple for Patent Infringement

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Just the other day, we were hearing about Samsung getting in legal trouble over patent violations with Apple. A federal court decision ruled that Samsung owes Apple more than $1 billion in restitution. Samsung plans to appeal the decision, saying it never attempted to steal anything from Apple's iPhone.

Next week, on September 12, Apple is expected to introduce its highly anticipated iPhone 5, but the company may find itself on the receiving end of a patent-infringement battle. Chinese tech company Goophone is launching the Goophone I5, which looks suspiciously like an iPhone in the company's video on YouTube.

In recent months, tech blogs all over the world have released leaked photos and videos of what is rumored to be Apple's iPhone 5. The pictures show what appears to be a longer, thinner, but altogether similar version of previous models of the best-selling smartphone in the world. The Goophone I5 will run a version of the Android operating system that mimics the look of Apple's IOS. Goophone claims to have already patented its phone in China and vows to sue for patent infringement should Apple try to release the iPhone 5 in China as well.

One commenter on Goophone's YouTube account wrote, "the clone wants to sue the original...THIS IS THE FUTURE!" Of course, since the new iPhone 5 does not technically exist for the public yet, we'll just have to wait and see.