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Does Hidden-Camera Fashion Blog Borderline on Privacy Invasion?

It is hard to go anywhere in public these days without being caught on camera. It could be a security camera, a traffic cam, or even just someone's camera phone, where you're caught in the background of a shot. We all get captured at some point. But how would you feel if you saw that picture on the Web?

While it is legal, that is the ethical question facing a new street-fashion blog called Styleblaster. The site features pictures taken from a webcam set up on Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn. The feed updates live as unknowing subjects walk by, and users can click the image if they like the person's style or want to takea  closer look at what they're wearing.

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This area is notorious for being the birthplace of so-called hipsters, a mocking term that few people would apply to themselves.

Unlike the snarky blog "Halloween or Williamsburg," which exists purely to make fun of unusual outfits, Styleblaster says that its aim is sincere. The site's about section reads, "We believe this service fills a need for live fashion information, with a unique and unmatched vantage point on the hippest block in New York City." The claim is supported by the fact that visitors to the site can make only positive comments about people's outfits. There is no way to comment or vote negatively.

The question remains, is it OK to post photographs taken of people without their consent?

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