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Dog Sings Opera Song from Favorite Commercial

Mia Fitzharris
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Do you know any dogs that love to sing? Well, Dexter the dog loves to sing along to opera. His owner Nolan Boatwright proved that in a video he shot and uploaded. Here’s the thing though, Dexter only likes to sing one song. It's one that’s featured in commercial actually, and you might of heard it. Take a look at the video: You’ll notice at first Dexter wants nothing to do with the first song selection, and then Nolan plays the financial services company J.G. Wentworth’s commercial. Hey, J.G. Wentworth advertising team, I think we found you the star of your next commercial!

 You might think Dexter's talent is pretty unique, but we were able to find other dog's who also love to sing J.G. Wentworth's classic tune:

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