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Fight Breaks Out During Live, Televised Debate

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When people are passionate about their position on politics, a debate can get very heated... Maybe turn into a hot enough brawl that chairs are thrown, and more.

A live back-and-forth on Jordanian TV channel Josat put outspoken journalist Shaker al-Johari on one side of the spectrum and pro-Syrian regime activist and lawyer Samih Khrais on the other.

After sitting down to discuss the Syrian civil war, al-Johari threw a water bottle at his opponent and then hurled a chair. The moderator had to play monkey in the middle before a producer stepped in to stop the hot-tempered talker from using a pen as a dart.

The journalist has wildly acted on his disagreements before. He previously verbally sparred with another newsman, Al-Mustaqbal al-Arabi editor-in-chief Mohammed Al-Jayousi, on another channel. Then the tables were turned (lifted actually) and the set came apart.

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