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Grandfather Builds Log Cabin for Granddaughter 50 Feet in the Air

Mia Fitzharris
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In the past we have told you about dads who have constructed awesome playrooms for their kids, like the flight simulator cockpit and the spaceship room. Well, now a grandfather is getting in on the action. Rusty Combs from Oldham County, Kentucky, built a log cabin for his 20-month-old granddaughter, Kiley. Here's the cool and, well, crazy part about it — it's situated 50 feet in the air atop an old corn silo. Getting to what Combs calls Kiley's Clubhouse is not for the faint of heart. You need to climb four 8-foot ladders that lead you to the two-room cabin.

Combs's idea for the playhouse has been years in the making. He originally wanted to build it for his sons but never got around to it. When he decided to create it for Kiley, after two years of building, he had to enlist a crane to lift the cabin up to the top of the silo. And if you are wondering if this is even safe, Combs says safety was key. He had to get a building permit, and a structural architect had to approve the design. (Of course, it's not safe for a toddler — but when Kiley gets older, we're sure she'll be hanging out up there.) If you're willing to take the journey to the top, you find a working log cabin complete with running water, electricity, and an amazing view — Combs says you can see the fall foliage right now. Little Kiley has not visited her log cabin in the sky yet, but we hope she appreciates Grandpa's efforts when her mom finally lets her up there.

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