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Kid Makes Working Excavator from Found Scraps

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Some people can go beyond chucking bottles and cans into a blue bin, and really take recycling to the next level. Either because of lack of materials, money, a desire to create something new, or stubborn ingenuity, the creative forge on creating things we would have never imagined. Model hobbyist Wesley Pereira de Souza is one of them. In a recent video, de Souza is seen operating a scale model excavator, which seems totally normal, until you realize how it is operated. Using old syringes (don't try this at home!), tubes, and wood scraps, the excavator's movements mimic almost perfectly the hydraulic movements of a large-scale, diesel-powered backhoe.

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The video is partly titled, "Lack of resources is no problem..." and this kid really proves it. Now, we just need to find him some kind Smurfs-size village to use it on. If you'd like to see more innovative videos like this one, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

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