Man’s $5 Garage Sale Find Could Be Worth $2 Million

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OK. Seriously. This is the second story in less than a week about someone finding hidden treasure in an unlikely place. A guy bought what experts believe is an authentic early Andy Warhol at a garage sale for $5.

Andy Fields, a businessman from Tiverton, England, said he purchased the colorful sketch from a man whose aunt once took care of the famed artist when he was a child. The illustration is believed to have been drawn when Warhol was 10 or 11 years old. The picture is of the 1930s actor and singer Rudy Vallee, and is signed "Andy Warhol" in the bottom right corner.

Questions about the authenticity of the the pop-art creation arose because the artist is believed to have changed his name from Andrew Warhola in 1949. Also, pop art is believed to have originated much later than the illustration would indicate.

But experts have verified the sketch as an original Andy Warhol and valued it in the low millions. Fields said he does not intend to sell the artwork. Instead, he wants to put it on display in an exhibit.


Today is the day when people talk about all the April Fool's pranks they fell for yesterday. Some of the biggest pranks were pulled by major companies, and people are sharing their stories on social media.

Here are some favorites from the Trending Now team:

Kodak advertised a chance to print your own live kitten -- "select a breed … wait 90 seconds … and fall in love," the site says. The Kodak site also announces that later in the year it will launch the ability to print large mammals like elephants.

Virgin Atlantic airlines announced 'Virgin Volcanic' which would drill to the center of the Earth. You can reserve your spot for only $1 million dollars and join celebrity "volcanauts" like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Stephen Hawking, and Seth Green who have already added their names to the list.

The vacation rental site Airbnb said itwould start renting out a room on the International Space Station for about $4,000/night. The site says this would be the most awesome experience on Earth, except it's not on Earth.

By far the favorite around our water cooler was eyewear maker Warby Parker announcing a canine line dubbed the 'Warby Barker.' The glasses would be shipped for free, along with a free doggy treat with any purchase.