Man converts NYC dumpster into a home

Man converts NYC dumpster into a home

The Big Apple is known for its small living spaces, but one man just took "small" to a whole new level.

California designer Gregory Kloehn found himself needing a place to stay during his frequent visits to New York — and let's face it, hotels are pricey. So, he bought a dumpster. Yes, the kind you see on construction sites.

Kloehn got to work on the $2,000 metal box and installed a kitchen, bathroom, bed and sun deck. Kloehn strategically added wheels to the bottom of his new home to give it mobility. You know, it ups the property value. The box is located in a nice area of Brooklyn called Red Hook.

The sophistication doesn't end there. Kloehn hooked up a six-gallon water tank for drinking; the tank also funnels water to the toilet and an outdoor shower. There's no need for a port-a-potty. Electricity is in full effect, powering a microwave and small stove.

The interior is padded for insulation, and the color scheme is red and black. There are a few seats, an outdoor grill and a minibar attached to the door in case he decides to have company over to his dumpster.

"I think (passersby) are just surprised that someone would take something like this and spend enough time to make it into a home," Kloehn told HGTV's "You Live in What?"

In all reality, Kloehn's dumpster is not much smaller than my Brooklyn apartment. But I insist it's cozy, not small.