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Military Members and Their Families Clean Up Pearl Harbor Memorial During Shutdown

Mia Fitzharris
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You may remember the story we told you last week about Chris Cox, the South Carolina man who took it upon himself to clean up the grounds around the Lincoln Memorial. Of course, the Lincoln Memorial is not the only national park receiving much-needed lawn care from private citizens during the government shutdown. It's also happening in Hawaii.

The entrance to the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor had been looking overgrown and disheveled, so a group of military families decided to follow in Cox’s footsteps and clean it up on their own. Army medic Josh Stone noticed that there was work and said, "The grass was pretty out of control, so I said, 'Let's try to do something about it.'" He put out a call for volunteers on Facebook. Dozens of members of the military, their spouses, and their children answered the call, arriving at the site with lawn mowers, trimmers, rakes, and a ton of energy.

Unlike what happened to Cox at the Lincoln Memorial, the volunteer group was able to finish their work, whereas Cox was asked to stop. It took only two hours for the crew to complete the cleanup at the site. A job well done by a real grassroots mission.

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