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Will new music video rival Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’?

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Ever since Rebecca Black's crazy song "Friday" went viral, the world has been waiting for a music video they love to hate. And we are happy—and sort of mortified—to announce that it is here! Tay Allyn, who calls herself a BMI-affiliated recording artist, released the video for her single "Mass Text" on YouTube. So far it has been viewed more than 145,000 times, but critics are not singing along.

Most comments on YouTube have been negative. One user wrote, "Wow, this sucks." Others are accusing Allyn of being an Internet troll, or someone who tries to upset people online. But we believe that Allyn's video is nothing more than a joke. First, the YouTube description of "Mass Text" says Allyn was chosen by Justin Timberlake as a top upcoming artist of 2013. Also, there's a brunette "Funny or Die" uploader named "Taylor Allyn" who put out a music video featuring the same "Mass Text" song in 2011.

OK, very funny, Tay Allyn, you got us for a minute.

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