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Russian TV Edits Booed Prime Minister Putin, and Viral Proposal Video Spans Six Years and the Globe

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Two videos of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin attending an ultimate fighting match in Moscow are going viral, and for very different reasons.  Putin is known as being a fan of the Japanese mixed martial art of Judo--in fact, he has a black belt in the sport.  After witnessing Russian mixed martial

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arts fighter Fedor Emelianenko defeat his American opponent Jeff Monson, Putin decided to give an impromptu congratulatory speech.  As Putin started speaking, the crowd of 22,000 starting booing and jeering loudly. Putin appeared momentarily stunned by the taunts because he's not used to being booed.  In fact, the Russian media says this was the first time Putin was ever publicly booed, because he usually only speaks at tightly-arranged media events.  However, people who were watching the story on a state-run Russian TV station may never know the real sequence of events. They only saw a small portion of the speech which only displayed cheering.  But this is the digital age, and the full video was posted on YouTube. It instantly went viral, gaining more than 1.1 million views in just more than a day. Next year, Putin will be seeking a third term, Russian blogger, Alexei Navalny, known for exposing corruption, posted the unedited video on his site, and called it, "the end of an era."  Mikhail Moskalyov, the director of the stadium that hosted the fight has a different view on why the crowd booed.  Moskalyov said the booing occurred as the American fighter left the ring. Yet still, Russia's state-run news agency said the boos were "simply the frustration of fans desperate to make it to the toilet."

In the mood for a little romance? A pilot from Canada may have put together one of the most well-orchestrated marriage proposals documented on camera ever.  The viral video shows a couple from Canada, who've spent the last six years of their relationship documenting their travels around the world.  In each city they visited, the two would often pose together holding a letter of the alphabet, ultimately spelling "We Always Knew," once they were done.  What the bride-to-be did not know, was her boyfriend had planned to have the last letter, 'W', be the first letter in his proposal.  When the two posed for the last picture in their hometown, the future groom had his friends hold up the rest of a sentence that read, "Will you marry me?"  He then showed the picture to his girlfriend.  The emotional girl says, "yes."  The heartwarming video is being shared all over the web, and so far it's gotten more than 280,000 views and is being called the "best proposal video ever" on Twitter.  How's that for some romance?

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