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Sleepwalking Mom Video Sends Laughwaves Across the Web

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The advances in portable and mobile technology have made almost everyone a videographer. Pick up that phone, point, press record and you're an instant filmmaker. What you capture may not be ready for the box office, but it could certainly be worth some comic relief. That's the case for Nick Foti who captured his mom sleepwalking in the family's kitchen one evening when he went to make some tea, and found his mom standing in the dark. Nick notes in the information section of the video that whatever medication his mom is taking makes her sleepwalk and even sleep eat. Nick posted the video titled, 'My Mom Sleepwalking (Tomato Cage),' and it has already received more than 65,000 views on YouTube since it was originally posted on September 6.

Nick also filmed himself showing the original video to his mom. She seems genuinely shocked, and appears to have no recollection of the events in the video. She is also such a good sport and does not seem to mind people laughing at her expense, because she laughs right along with them. The video was originally posted on 'The Daily What,' and has been passed around on social media thanks to mom's catch phrases, "tomato cage" and "special code," plus her dance moves.

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