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Two Sisters React Adorably to News of New Twin Siblings On the Way

It is a watershed moment for any kid when he or she finds out that a younger sibling is on the way. The reaction can be one of excitement or, sometimes, jealousy over a new brother or sister who is going to steal attention from parents.

In a new viral video, two parents recorded their own announcement to their daughters about not one but two new siblings on the way, and what better way to tell them than with a cake? Immediately, the two girls have divergent reactions to the news. The older sister, who seems to have a better grasp on reading, spares no time in bursting into tears of joy. Her sister, however, takes a little longer to comprehend the news, instead focusing more on the presence of cake in the room.

Eventually, the youngest is brought up to speed, and both begin planning for two new bundles of joy as their mother shows them pictures of the babies' sonograms.

The video became a hit, thanks to Reddit, where one of the couple's friends uploaded the video. It now has more than 120,000 views and climbing. In addition to the new twins on the way, we might also be witnessing the birth of two young YouTube stars.

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