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Video of Plane's Rough Landing Goes Viral

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Strong Crosswinds Cause Bumpy Landing

Strong Crosswinds Cause Bumpy Landing

Strong Crosswinds Cause Bumpy Landing

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Strong Crosswinds Cause Bumpy Landing

Strong Crosswinds Cause Bumpy Landing
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If you're a bit squeamish when it comes to airplanes and bad landings, take a dose of Dramamine before watching this footage.

At Birmingham Airport in England, video was shot of a Boeing 767 landing amid turbulence. Winds were gusting at 40 miles per hour as the jet touched down. As it gets close to landing, the pilot does a good job of keeping the plane steady. Still, the wings are visibly swaying back and forth as the aircraft reaches the runway. Due to the crosswinds, the pilot seems to be forcing the plane down in almost a straight line as opposed to the normal gradual descent.

The plane eventually hits the ground and literally bounces off the pavement. Weather conditions clearly alter the 120-ton Boeing's landing, but the pilot skillfully keeps everything on track.

The video is titled "landing gear banged to its limits." It was uploaded on Sunday to YouTube by user flugsnug and has amassed over 1.5 million views.

"What is impressive is how the pilot landed that beast dead centerline with crosswinds like that," commented Jeffrey Morter. Many viewers chimed in with similar praise for the pilot. Others noticed not just the piloting skills but the durability of the landing gear and tires.

The YouTube channel of the user who posted this clip features a number of other landings at Birmingham Airport. Planes can be seen landing on rainy runways and through wind shear, which is a steep change in wind speed or direction.

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