Viral Video of Dog Mourning Loss of Her Best Friend

Viral Video of Dog Mourning Loss of Her Best Friend

Animals have been known to express emotion in a very human way. So it's no surprise that when Bella the dog lost her best friend, Beavis the beaver, she mourned the loss in a way that wasn't much different from how a human would mourn in a similar situation.

Before Beavis passed away, he and Bella were inseparable. They ate together, played together, and even shared living quarters. Beavis passed away in 2012, but the pair's story resurfaced after a video that the owner shot of the two appeared on Reddit.

In the heartbreaking video, Bella lies by the side of her deceased companion and appears to cling to the idea that Beavis might just sleeping. As Bella seems to realize that her friend is not coming to life, she whimpers, nuzzles, and licks her friend as if trying to say goodbye.

As Bella continues to lie beside Beavis, other dogs play in the background, but she isn't distracted. According to her owner, Bella stayed by Beavis's side for several hours.

The video has been viewed more than 245,000 times on YouTube, and many people have left their condolences for Bella and her owner. One person wrote, "May sweet and loving Bella be comforted and may her kind heart find peace after she grieves the death of her gentle friend, Beavis."

People on Reddit are using this video as an example that animals are capable of feeling emotion. One Redditor wrote, "More evidence that dogs are us." While that point is debatable, the emotions that this video elicits are not.

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