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  • It seems like every time I get to the register of a chain store, they offer me a new way to pay with my phone. But these new modes of paying have serious pros and cons – and there may be compelling reasons not to dive into mobile payments just yet, despite their growth.

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    Remember a few years back, when teenagers left MySpace in droves for this new thing called Facebook? Grown-ups soon followed suit (not that they were ever much on MySpace), and joined Facebook by the hundreds of millions – which made it far less cool for their kids. So where on the Web are teens going now, and what can you learn from them?

    A recent study from the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that 94% of American teens still have a Facebook account, but they’re using it less, and using it more carefully. More than half have tightened down their privacy settings and regularly delete or edit previous posts.

    But even with tightened privacy settings, teens have realized that Facebook is more like a family picnic than the private party they want it to be. They still share photos and use Facebook messaging, but they are increasingly turning to newer social networks to fill the function of traditional status updates. So which sites are they using – and why?



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    With the kick off of Apple’s developer conference, the company has announced new hardware and a slew of software advances. Some are true innovations, some are an attempt to catch-up to Android, and some copy features in popular apps. Here’s why you should care - and when the changes will land on your phone and laptop:

    New Laptops with Longer Battery Life

    The Macbook Air gets a refresh with longer battery life and a price cut. The 11-inch model goes from 5 hours of battery life to 9 hours; and the 13-inch model goes from 7hours of battery life to 12.  Both sport upgraded Intel Haswell processors, but neither has the retina displays of the Macbook Pro laptops that Apple touts as visually superior. The new Macbook Airs cost $999 for the 128GB, 11-inch model and $1099 for the 128 GB, 13-inch model (a $100 price drop from the previous model). Both are available now.

    New Mac Operating System

    Previous Mac computer operating systems have been named after wild felines. But as Apple used up the

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