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  • When you shop online, you use coupon codes for almost every site EXCEPT Amazon. Do those codes exist? And how can you get even better prices at the web’s biggest superstore?

    Secret Coupon Codes?

    Every time I buy something at Amazon, there’s this little box that comes up during the checkout process that says, “Add coupon code for discount.” But no matter how many times I’ve looked, I’ve never found a percentage-off code on any of the good coupon sites like RetailMeNot or CouponCabin. Sure, it looks like they have those secret codes, but when you actually click on “Get Deal,” a new window pops up stating “No Coupon Required!” So I called the folks at Amazon and asked where to get one of these mythical codes. It turns out that while they do offer them, they are incredibly rare, and usually product-specific. For example, they recently offered $35 off Quicken – if you have the code – and the code was right there on the same page.

    So don’t beat yourself up the next time you see the code box and

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  • The hotel you book could make or break your whole vacation.And yet, online ads and even user reviews may be misleading. Fortunately, there are some tricks for decoding online listings and finding the best hotel or vacation rental for the money.

    Nearly 150 million travel bookings were made online last year, and that number keeps growing by about 10% a year. Without a human travel agent to help, we are increasingly tasked with trying to find the best accommodations for the best price by ourselves.

    Tip #1: Don’t Get Taken In By Fancy Prose

    Descriptions of vacation lodging can get pretty ornate. I’ve seen everything from “Our designers have made the rooms punch-drunk on color and light” to “We’ve included every luxury – and invented some of our own.” But what does that all mean? These descriptions are designed to evoke feelings rather than convey facts. So dig deeper; what are the actual, specific luxuries they’re talking about? In the case of the hotel this ad line came from, one luxury is

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    Eight years after the debut of the Xbox 360, Microsoft has announced the Xbox One.  While it’s no quantum leap forward in gaming, it is attempting to tackle one of the biggest problems we face in our living rooms: a fractured landscape of devices that don’t play nicely together and require WAY too many remotes.  

    Xbox One Specs

    ·     8 times the computing power of the previous Xbox 360

    ·     500 GB Hard Drive

    ·     8 GB Memory

    ·     Built-in Blu-ray DVD player

    ·     Kinect will come standard with every Xbox One

    ·     Kinect redesign with larger field of view, 1080p HD Camera, enhanced gesture recognition, and improved array microphones for voice control

    ·     Gaming Controller redesign: more distinct d-pad design, tactile feedback (rumble) “Impulse Triggers” and Wi-Fi Direct connectivity to the console.

    Gaming or Entertainment Breakthrough?

    The new Xbox One represents an upgrade rather than an overhaul on physical design, internal horsepower, and social connectivity. But it is making an

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