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Angle says she’d be a ‘mainstream senator’ if elected

Holly Bailey, Yahoo News
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Nevada GOP Senate hopeful Sharron Angle is pushing back against rival Harry Reid's claims that she would be "too extreme" to serve, telling CNN in an interview that she would be a "mainstream senator" if elected.

Angle's record in Nevada doesn't exactly offer strong evidence she'd be willing to work with Democrats, even when other Republicans are inclined to.

As the Las Vegas Review-Journal's Ed Vogel reports, Angle frequently voted against bipartisan bills while she was a member of the Nevada Assembly. Between 1999 and 2005, the years she served, Angle was one of only two members of the Assembly to vote against 79 bills backed by both GOP and Democratic lawmakers. She was the only Assembly member to vote against 39 bills that all other members supported.

During her six years in office, she sponsored 57 bills, only two of which ultimately became law.

"She very much voted her conscience," former Assembly Member Lynn Hettrick, a Republican, tells the Review-Journal. "It cost her. The majority leadership didn't choose to process many of her bills because of it. She was staunch in her convictions. I give her credit for that. But was she tremendously effective? Maybe not."

In an interview with CNN, Angle declined to discuss her more controversial views, including a recent interview in which she suggested that "Second Amendment remedies" were the only solution to keeping the federal government in check.

"Those are not the issues people are concerned about. They're concerned about our economy, our homes, our jobs. That's what people are concerned about," Angle told CNN, claiming that her words have been "taken out of context" during the campaign.

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