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  • Move over, "movie trailer guy." Step back, golden-voiced homeless man, Ted Williams. There's a new viral video star who has captured the Web14-year-old Jake Fousheewhose dream to be a voice-over actor seems within his reach.

    The North Carolina native does a dead-on impression of the late, great Don LaFontaine (the movie pitchman who gave us the classic line, "in a world…"). Many people think that the sonorous movie trailer voice-over died with him, back in 2008. But, oh, how wrong we were.

    LaFontaine's self-proclaimed successor has mastered the deep, booming sound of the legendary narrator.

    Not surprisingly, the  teenager with the manly voice sitting in front of a Walter Cronkite-style microphone has become an Internet sensation, with more than 306,000 views on YouTube, and counting.

    In a world where stars are made on the Web, one young man could change the future, forever. Oh, just watch it.

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  • Update 10:30pm ET: This piece has been updated to reflect a breaking news development

    Police say they have found a 3-day-old baby who was abducted after his mother was shot multiple times outside a doctor's office in Houston, Tex.

    The baby was safe when authorities found him and his father is on his way to be reunited, Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon told the Associated Press on Tuesday.

    Kayla Marie Golden, 28, was shot repeatedly after reportedly having an altercation outside a pediatric center where she had just left with her son. The alleged shooter, a woman described as being in her late 20's, is said to have sped off in a bloodstained Lexus with the baby, Lt. Dan Norris said of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.

    "The child was being put into the suspect vehicle and that's when the mother tried to get into the car. The car sped away, knocking the lady to the ground," Lt. Norris said.

    A male passenger was also reportedly in the vehicle with the shooting suspect.

    Newborn Keegan Schuchardt was said to be wearing a green and white one-piece outfit that has the "Handsome" on the front.

    Witnesses reported hearing as many as seven gunshots outside the clinic, shortly after 2pm local time on Tuesday. The shooting suspect is described as a "thin, gold-haired black woman, apparently in her late 20s or early 30s," Norris said. They also said the Lexus was sky blue or light green.

    "I thought she just passed out. Then somebody ran in here and said, 'Somebody got shot,'" witness Joshua Jesson said.

    Golden was pronounced dead after being brought to nearby Hermann Memorial Hospital.

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  • Dropping $822,751 on a conference for about 300 people would be a scandalous waste in the private sector (maybe not if you're Instagram)but put that bill on a government tab, and it's unfathomable: In fact, that sum is the amount of taxpayer dollars dropped on a Las Vegas junket by an agency that most Americans haven't even heard of.

    Cheers! Photos Show Embattled GSA Official Enjoying Wine and Soak in Spa Tub at M Hotel During 'Pre-Conference' Meeting (ABC News)

    If  the U.S. General Services Administration wasn't a household name before the wasteful office retreat, it sure is known now: The conference resulted in the resignation of administrator Martha Johnson; a congressional hearing; and some incriminating photos of the conference organizer, Jeff Neely, and his wife, living the preconference "suite" life in the Las Vegas hotel.

    So what exactly does this agency do, aside from waste your money? Well, here's the thing: The independent agency is tasked with developing government-wide cost minimizing policies. But along the way, the organization seems to have done the exact opposite.

    It all started back in 1949,

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  • NYSE stocks posting largest percentage decreases

    A look at the 10 biggest percentage decliners on New York Stock Exchange at 1 p.m.: Penn West Petroleum Ltd. fell 16.6 percent to $7.64. Ruby Tuesday fell 14.6 percent to $6.07. Genworth Financial Inc. ...

  • Final Glance: Railroad companies

    Shares of some top railroad companies were down at the close of trading: CSX fell $.21 or .7 percent, to $30.52. Canadian National Railway Co. fell $.77 or 1.1 percent, to $67.58. Canadian Pacific Railway ...

  • Meowsachusetts: Where the cats play and dogs stay away
    Meowsachusetts: Where the cats play and dogs stay away

    Massachusetts is the cat's meow for feline lovers.

  • Bolt denies foul-mouthed criticism of Commonwealth Games
    Bolt denies foul-mouthed criticism of Commonwealth Games

    Usain Bolt denied reports Wednesday that he called the Glasgow Commonwealth Games "a bit shit", ahead of his appearance in the 4x100 metres relay. Asked whether he was having a good time in Glasgow, the Jamaican sprint star replied "not really" and said that the London 2012 Olympics "were better", according to The Times. Angus Macleod, The Times's Scottish editor, said that the paper had "utter confidence" in the story and that the reporter has "verbatim notes" of her encounter with Bolt. The six-time Olympic gold medallist is due to make his first appearance in the Commonwealth Games at the 4x100 metres heats on Friday, with the final on Saturday.

  • More mysterious craters found in Russia's remote Siberia region
    More mysterious craters found in Russia's remote Siberia region

    Two more craters of unknown origin have been spotted in Russia's Siberia region, weeks after a similar-looking hole was found in the isolated northernmost area, a local paper reported. The Siberian Times, an English-language newspaper, published pictures of two new giant holes discovered by reindeer herders, one located in the Yamal and the other in the Taymyr peninsula, both above the Arctic circle. Russian state TV reported earlier this month that a giant hole had appeared in the gas-rich Yamal peninsula where temperatures plummet below -50 degrees Celsius (-58 degrees Fahrenheit) and the sun barely rises in winter. Yamal, inhabited by indigenous reindeer herders, is one of Russia's richest regions in natural gas.

  • ABC Goes Inside Gaza With an Israeli Armored Unit
    ABC Goes Inside Gaza With an Israeli Armored Unit

    ABC's Terry Moran Embedded With Israeli Unit Checking Out a Gaza Tunnel

  • Rights group: Syria using barrel bombs, defying UN
    Rights group: Syria using barrel bombs, defying UN

    BEIRUT (AP) — The Syrian government is still indiscriminately bombing civilians with explosives-filled barrels in defiance of a U.N. Security Council resolution, an international human rights group said Wednesday.

  • Fast-food workers win small battle against McDonald’s
    Fast-food workers win small battle against McDonald’s

    Fast-food workers and labor groups agitating on their behalf may have just won a minor battle in the war for higher wages. A ruling came from the general council of the National Labor Relations Board on Tuesday that McDonald's could be held jointly liable for labor and wage violations by its franchisees, allowing the company to be treated as a joint employer with them. Yahoo Finance's Henry Blodget makes the case that fast food restaurants and low wage retailers like Walmart should pay workers more.

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