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  • 104388079Politics may indeed be a full-contact sport, but it's rare to see an actual display of knee-to-groin animus among political rivals.

    Still, that's just what happened in Bolivia over this past weekend. On Sunday, Bolivian President Evo Morales was playing on a soccer squad opposite a team captained by one of his political foes, Luis Revilla, the mayor of La Paz. And in the thick of the action, Morales delivered what one Bolivian media outlet described as a knee to the "testicular zone" to a player on Revilla's team named Daniel Gustavo Cartagena. Morales was allegedly acting in retaliation for a hard foul Cartagena inflicted on him earlier in the match. Cartagena collapsed in agony after the kick, and the game ended in a 4-4 tie.  You can watch a video report by a Bolivian media outlet below:

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  • Maddow staff kicked out of O'Donnell headquartersmaddowglassesMSNBC host Rachel Maddow and her producers didn't have much luck with Christine O'Donnell's campaign staff in Delaware on Tuesday.

    "Ejected from O'Donnell HQ," Maddow wrote on Twitter. "Staffer insulted producers Bill & Laura then angry man came outside and told us to leave and not come back."

    Maddow explained in a statement to The Upshot that representatives from her show have "spoken with the O'Donnell folks multiple times about us being here today and wanting to speak with someone — anyone, even a volunteer — from the campaign."

    So Bill Wolff, the show's executive producer and MSNBC's senior vice president for prime-time programming, along with producer Laura Conaway, traveled to the Republican Senate hopeful's headquarters to speak with someone from the campaign. They did not go inside with a camera crew. Maddow said "they were greeted nicely by what appeared to be two junior staffers" but were "then insulted by a senior staffer" and left the building.

    Next, she said, "an angry guy

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  • fiorinaadSenate Republicans are chipping in $2 million to boost Carly Fiorina's bid to unseat California Sen. Barbara Boxer. The money is going into a statewide ad sponsored by Fiorina and the National Republican Senatorial Committee that depicts Boxer as a failed senator who did nothing to stop California from falling on hard times.

    The 30-second ad, which features an ominous narrator, uses black-and-white photos, not unlike images made famous during the Great Depression, to depict a state suffering from high unemployment and financial despair.

    "After 28 long years of Washington partisanship, this is Barbara Boxer's California," the narrator says, as images of a barren field and a tent city of the homeless flash on the screen. "Trillions in reckless wasteful spending, destroying small business, killing jobs, crushing hopes."

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