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  • White (Jim Dyson/Getty)

    Jack White abruptly ended his sold-out show at Radio City Music Hall on Saturday night, drawing the ire of fans who saw the former White Stripes frontman perform for just 45 minutes without an encore.

    White, who is touring behind his recent solo album "Blunderbuss," was apparently unhappy with the historic New York venue's sound and left the stage, leaving 5,000 or so concertgoers--most of whom paid at least $40 per ticket--disillusioned.

    Many fans, thinking it was an unusually early encore or setbreak, remained in the concert hall, some clapping and cheering to encourage White's return to the stage. But when ushers began to inform them that the show was over, their disillusionment turned to anger, and things got ugly.

    "F--- Jack White!" some chanted as they left Radio City. Others returned concert merchandise they had just bought.

    "I've been waiting for an encore for longer than Jack White's set," Jeremy Current wrote on Twitter.

    "I just paid $90 a ticket to see Jack White play for less than an hour?" Brian Pluta tweeted. "F--- that guy."

    "This is the angriest I've seen wealthy ex-hipsters since they canceled Arrested Development," @microtony wrote.

    "Jack White does NOT DESERVE to play in NEW YORK," John Kushay tweeted. "EVER again."

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    It's unclear why White ended the show so abruptly. Some speculated he was irked by a less-than-enthusiastic response from the audience ("Jesus Christ, is this an NPR convention?" White asked at one point) or what Buzzfeed said were "a huge amount" of the tickets that went to scalpers. Others, though, claimed it was the poor acoustics.

    "Mystery solved," Hunter Walker, a reporter for the New York Observer, tweeted. "Security guy [at] Radio City said Jack White 'wasn't happy with the sound.'"

    Earlier this week during a performance in Boston, White apparently complained about the sound, too.

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  • Former New York Times publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, who guided the newspaper to unprecedented influence and profit during his three-decade tenure, died Saturday at his home in Southampton, N.Y., at the age of 86.

    During his 34-year run as publisher, Sulzberger helped the Times navigate some of the most influential events in 20th-century journalism — everything from the Vietnam War and the publication of the Pentagon Papers, to key legal victories for freedom of the press.

    Sulzberger, who went by the nickname "Punch," helped expand the Times to a national edition as it won 31 Pulitzer Prizes under his leadership.

    In this 1992 photo, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger poses for a photo in the New York Times boardroom beneath a picture of Arthur Ochs, in New York. In 1896, Ochs acquired control of the New York Times. (AP Photo/The New York Times Archive, Burk Uzzle)

    "Punch Sulzberger was a giant in the industry, a leader who fought to preserve the vital role of a free press in society and championed journalism executed at the highest level," said Associated Press President and CEO Gary Pruitt.

    Sulzberger took over as publisher in 1963, when the Times had a weekday circulation of 714,000 and $100 million in annual revenue. By the time

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  • Marshall (Austin Conroy/Matador)

    Chan Marshall, the singer, songwriter and occasional Chanel model better known as Cat Power, was hospitalized in Miami over the weekend for an undisclosed medical issue, her record label confirmed to Yahoo News. She has since been released.

    Marshall—whose battles with demons are well-documented—posted a series of photos from the Mount Sinai Medical Center to her Instagram account.

    "I used to love Mt. Sinai," Marshall wrote on Friday when she arrived. "#notanymore."

    "Hospital food has never been so good," she wrote in the caption to an image, posted Saturday, of a tray of matzo ball soup. Marshall even uploaded a photo of her hospital discharge packet on Sunday.

    On Monday, the Georgia-born singer tweeted "HEALTH TIME OFF = HOME IMPROVEMENTS"—linking to a photo of white sheets covering a lamp and TV in what appeared to be her Miami bedroom.

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    Marshall, whose latest album, "Sun," was released earlier this month, did not immediately respond to a direct message on Twitter. A representative for Matador, her record label, said Marshall's hospitalization was "completely unrelated" to the mental health and substance abuse issues she's dealt with in the past, and that the 40-year-old musician is "doing well" and "everything is on schedule" for a world tour scheduled to begin in Miami next month.

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