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  • NYSE stocks posting largest percentage decreases

    A look at the 10 biggest percentage decliners on New York Stock Exchange at the close of trading: Silver Spring Netwks fell 8.1 percent to $10.89. Washington Prime Grp fell 6.6 percent to $17.24. Standard ...

  • Hey, hey it's a Monkee house: Davy Jones home for sale

    By David DeKok HARRISBURG Pa. (Reuters) - A remote Pennsylvania country house and horse farm that the late Monkees lead singer and teen heartthrob Davy Jones called home for nearly 30 years is on the market. The six-bedroom, 3,388-square-foot house, which sits on 15.5 acres (6 hectares), is in Beavertown, a community of 945 people in central Pennsylvania about 53 miles (85 km) north of Harrisburg. Jones went there in 1985 to work with a book collaborator and fell in love with the surrounding horse country. ...

  • Did Sears get gouged by its own CEO?
    Did Sears get gouged by its own CEO?

    Jeff Macke on the sweet deal Eddie Lampert received when lending $400 million to Sears

  • U.S. general says cannot rule out larger ground role in Iraq

    By Phil Stewart WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The most senior U.S. military officer raised the possibility on Tuesday that American troops might need to take on a larger role in Iraq's ground war against Islamic State militants, but the White House stressed they would not deploy on a combat mission. General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the U.S. military's Joint Chiefs of Staff, said there was no intention now to place American military advisers on the ground in direct combat. U.S. assistance is taking other forms, including air strikes. ...

  • Jon Stewart rips Obama's 'chaotic and confused' war on the Islamic State
    Jon Stewart rips Obama's 'chaotic and confused' war on the Islamic State

    Jon Stewart ripped the Obama administration for its "chaotic and confused" war on the Islamic State.

  • What's Up, Dog? Dachshund Takes Part in Skydive From 13,000 Feet

    While most dogs are content to cover, at most, a couple thousand feet on a walk, Riley the dachshund is gaining international fame for traversing 13,000 — vertically. Riley's owner, Nathan Batiste, is a photographer from San Francisco, Calif., who has some experience with skydiving. He has more than 400 jumps under his belt, but he had always wanted to bring the dachshund he and his girlfriend adopted in 2009 along for one of them.


    DEAR ABBY: I am a full-time mother of three young children and have been married for nine years. Since the beginning, my husband has pushed to have things "his way." He struggles with his temper and has yelled at me over little things. We have met with a counselor and were showing improvement in our marriage -- or so I thought -- until he started pushing me to watch explicit sex DVDs and read sex books. I feel very uncomfortable doing this. He claims he wants us to watch them for "educational reasons. ...

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