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  • Outside a Walmart near Houston, a group of Girl Scouts was selling cookies this past weekend. A man walked up and asked how much they were. Then, quicker than you can say "bad karma," the man grabbed $200 in cookie cash and ran to a getaway car.

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    The Girl Scouts fought back. Rachel Johnson, a Girl Scout senior in her ninth year with the group, ran after the man and even held on to the car as it drove away. Iravia Cotton, another Girl Scout at the scene of the crime, spoke to local reporters.

    "Me and my friend, Rachel, went after the money, and then they tried to hit me with the car. I started hitting the boy that was in the passenger seat, so I think he learned his lesson a little bit."

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    The two crooks remain at large. They were last seen in a black Toyota Camry with the license plate covered. After the crime, Rachel said what many are no doubt thinking. "Who steals from a Girl

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  • Viewers of this past weekend's sketch comedy show "Saturday Night Live" may have been surprised to see the opener introduce Mitt Romney's five sons. Although it was a spoof, it was no joke: The presidential candidate really does have five adult children.

    But the good-looking, clean-cut mini-Mitts who had a starring role in their dad's 2008 campaign are way under the radar this time around. Until, of course, they got the recent "SNL" treatment.

    The segment introduced the five look-alikes. And in reality, they seem to be. Tagg, Matt, Josh, Ben, and Craig range in age from 31 to 41 and together have 16 children. (Although in the segment they get names like Tigger and Tic Tac -— who claims he's the rebel because he likes sugar.) Three went to Harvard Business School. All attended Brigham Young University (as did Mitt's wife, Ann).

    The "SNL" skit did nothing to make the conservative family seem more like ordinary folks. The brothers, who seem to be more closely related to the aristocratic

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  • Toddler found in Indiana field after tornado kills her family

    Indiana State Tropers survey damage to Henryville, Ind., Saturday, March 3, 2012. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

    A toddler girl who was discovered in an Indiana field following Friday's devastating tornadoes is in critical condition at a Kentucky hospital, but she may be the only member of her family who survived.

    Washington County Sheriff Claude Combs told ABC News that the girl was found in New Pekin, Ind. on Friday near the bodies of her 21-year-old mother, and her younger siblings. Reuters reports they were a 3-year-old brother and a 2-month-old sister. The body of a 20-year-old male was also recovered from the field but Combs didn't confirm whether he was the girl's father.

    Click image to view more photos. (REUTERS/Harrison McClary)Click image to view more photos. (REUTERS/Harrison McClary)The 2-year-old child, whose injuries have been undisclosed, is being attended by one unidentified family member at Kosair Children's Hospital in Louisville, Ky., said the hospital's chief of nursing, Cis Gruebbel, to ABC news.

    After the child was discovered, she was first taken to a rural hospital in Salem, Ind. before being airlifted to the Kentucky hospital once she had stabilized. Melissa Richardson, a spokeswoman

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