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  • Warning: The video below may cause you never to want to leave your house again. A School of Visual Arts thesis project by artist Ron Gabriel, named "3-Way Street," tracks a camera at the Manhattan intersection of 28th Street and Park Avenue. The New York mayhem known as street traffic ensues.

    The video of traffic behaving badly has gone viral on the Web. No surprise: What you see is pretty hair-raising.

    As the artist puts it on his website, the point of the study is to show the "interconnected role in improving the safety and usability of our streets." Mission very much accomplished.

    With the master student's helpful graphics added to the clips, it's almost like watching the video game Frogger: Pedestrians dodge bikes, run into oncoming traffic, and barely escape with their lives. An 18-wheeler makes a tight U-turn. Cars jump lights. Pedestrians jaywalk. Bikes do everything but follow the rules of the road. Riding on the sidewalk? Check. Riding on the wrong side of the road? Check.

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  • Photos commemorate fall of Berlin Wall

    June 13 marks the anniversary of the official dismantling of the Berlin Wall--the relic of Cold War hostilities between the Soviet Union and Western democracies which made citizens of Berlin prey to severe travel restrictions, and tragically divided families across contending spheres of ideological influence. At the time the wall was erected in 1961, award-winning photojournalist Paul Schutzer of Life magazine captured the unnerving images of the early days of a city suddenly split in half.

    The photographs here show both the physical foundation of the wall--but also the troubling new cast of daily life in Berlin amid the new tensions of Cold War confrontation. While citizens on both sides of the wall were able to travel freely across it in late 1989, the East German military began to take down the physical structure in 1990 in Bernauer Straße.

    Slideshow: More early images of the Berlin Wall

    Paul Schutzer/

    Click here to see the entire collection of photos at

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  • Extraordinary x-rays

    Think of a typical x-ray, and a picture of a human ribcage or broken arm might come to mind. However, since its discovery in 1895, x-ray technology has also been used to capture stunning images of plants, animals, and medical miracles. From beautiful to creepy, has collected some of the most extraordinary x-rays of all time.

    Gallery: The most amazing x-rays

    Edward Charles Le Grice/Getty Images

    You can view the full collection of x-ray images on

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