Boy in wheelchair searched by TSA

In recent years, the Transportation Security Agency has come under fire for what many perceive to be unjustified and unnecessary searches. Now a video has surfaced, reportedly shot in 2010, in which a three-year-old boy in a wheelchair with a broken leg is subjected to an extended search from a TSA agent.

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The three minute clip, which was shot by the boy's father Matt Dubiel, shows the boy looking increasingly alarmed as a TSA agent swabs the boy's hands, legs, and back for residue from explosives. Apparently, the child's parents were not allowed to comfort him or hold his hand during the process. You can hear Dubiel assuring his son that everything will be OK and trying to keep his son from having a panic attack.

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We first spotted the clip on BoingBoing. The blog credits Reddit with bubbling it up. According to Fox News Radio, the video was shot by Dubiel. He and his family were flying to Disney World when they were stopped. While speaking to Fox News Radio, Dubiel said he found the footage over the weekend and decided to post it.

Reaction to the clip has been swift and strong. Some call the video "appalling," while others defend the TSA agent for doing his job. Dubiel said that he did not file a formal complaint.