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Dems say Whitman’s spending is like a bad Costner flick

Holly Bailey
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Responding to reports of Republican Meg Whitman's record-breaking spending in the California gubernatorial race, the Democratic Governors Association came up with the lowest, most egregious insult it could muster in a press release that might somehow fall into the hands of young innocent children. They compared her spending to Kevin Costner's 1995 postapocalyptic flop "Waterworld."

"Not since 'Waterworld' has $100 million been spent so poorly in California," DGA head Nathan Daschle said in a statement.

OUCH.  Perhaps even more so because Costner — who has repeatedly insisted the film was under-appreciated by, well, everyone — supports Democrats.  According to campaign finance records, Costner contributed to Al Gore and John Kerry, among others. In he final weeks of the '08 campaign, he stumped for Barack Obama in Colorado.

Helpful note for Democrats the next time: Stick to movies starring Kelsey Grammer.

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