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Meet Basil Marceaux, Tennessee’s most famous gubernatorial candidate

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If the conclusion of Alabama's primary season found you mourning the lack of eccentric candidates with super weird political goals, meet Basil Marceaux, America's latest viral superstar.

A former Marine, Marceaux is running dead last in a four-way race for Tennessee's GOP gubernatorial nomination.

Last week, as they have done with the other candidates, a Chattanooga TV station gave Marceaux a few minutes on air to pitch his campaign platform, which includes planting grass on vacant lots to "sell it for gas" and a plan "to stop traffic stops." He may or may not have been drunk.

Judge for yourself here:

Marceaux is running at just 1 percent in the polls, according to the Chattanooga Times Free Press. But he's getting way more attention than his rivals, including Reps. Zach Wamp, who has suggested that Tennessee should secede from the union, and Ron Ramsey, who has questioned whether Islam is really a religion. Come to think of it, maybe Marceaux isn't that weird after all.

Asked about his new celebrity, Marceaux tells the Times Free Press's Andy Sher it was fate. "I always knew it would happen because I'm sure everyone feels like me," he says. "It just takes guts."

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