The Upshot

PARTING SHOTS: Hottest dance-floor moves for men revealed!

Here is our roster of stories that managed to evade full-0n blog treatment today:

• Tickets to Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin's 9/11 rally in Alaska range from $65 to $110 — but photos with the headliners will cost you extra. (Politico)

• Job discrimination complaints filed by Muslim-Americans are on the rise over the past five years. (Salon)

• Generations of straight-male angst may end, as British scientists disclose the kind of dance moves women view as sexy. (BBC News)

• A San Francisco jail has installed a condom machine in order to curb the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. (NBC)

• An aide to California Senator Barbara Boxer was arrested for attempting to bring marijuana into a Senate office building. (Politico)

• Some scientists believe that more testing is needed before Gulf of Mexico seafood can be declared safe for consumption. (Times Picayune)

• New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees has a special request for fans of his team going into tomorrow night's NFL season opener against the Minnesota Vikings. (YouTube)

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